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Robin with fresh food (0050)

Robin with fresh food


I have been watching this proud robin for days at our kitchen window. I was able to take the pictures in this series from the open kitchen window — uncamouflaged. The midday sun made the bird shine and the shadow behind it really highlighted it. The robin was 2–3 meters away from me and proudly presented its prey to me before flying off to its nestlings after a few minutes.

I thought, because shortly after it sat with the same filling in the beak on the railing of the cellar stairs, directly in front of me. Sometimes directly from the front and sometimes turned to the side, the prey was presented to me in detail. 6–8 different fruit flies I could count here. On which number do you come? read more or write a comment …

House sparrow pairing (0053)

House sparrow pairing

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In the spring it becomes quite noisy in the garden around our house. Many species of birds, such as house sparrows, tits, blackbirds, chaffinches, robins, magpies and crows live here in the neighborhood gardens. Several pairs of blackbirds and a pair of robins usually breed on our property. House sparrows breed in a larger colony under the roof tiles by the neighbor’s house. Accordingly, there are many house sparrows on the meadows, in the trees and bushes.

This day I had once again laid in wait in the camouflage tent and was surprised to suddenly observe these two house sparrows mating, only 3 meters in front of me in the lilac bush. The female had even a small »wedding gift« with it, an insect in your beak. However, I could not observe then whether that was still handed over.

Port Waltershof & Bubendey Embankment (0398)

Port Waltershof & Bubendey Embankment

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This view to the Port Waltershof with the pier Bubendey Embankment in front of it you can have from the pier Teufelsbrück, but so detailed probably rather with binoculars.

When I was in April at the golden hour on site, I had a cloudy day, but fortunately also some cloud gaps. Again and again the sunshine moved through the scenery and suddenly the red container bridges of the EUROGATE container terminal glowed. I intended to capture these details anyway and therefore had the telephoto lens on the camera. When then the sun moved further north and also on the opposite side the bridges of the terminal Burchardkai illuminated, I pulled the camera slowly further north to be able to put together a panorama of 3 landscape format images at the end. The dark rain clouds in the background made the contrast perfect. This is what landscape photography in the port of Hamburg must be like!

Elbphilharmonie & St. Michael's Church (0046)

Elbphilharmonie & St. Michael’s Church

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The view from the harbor in the direction of the Elbphilharmonie I have often enjoyed, for example, shortly before the opening of the Elbphilharmonie with an illuminated Michel. Now it was more simple in the illumination, given nature. In the background, an area of rain is still moving through, while to the west the sun let a few clouds glow. Thus the facade of the Elphi was rather subtly illuminated. Just so that one can perceive all details. St. Michael’s Church therefore peeks out, almost inconspicuous between the Elbphilharmonie and the Hanseatic Trade Center.

The most beautiful thing about this motif is once again the contrast with the dark rain clouds! You can see on the right even the showers over the city area!

Elbpromenade & Elbphilharmonie (0077)

Elbpromenade with Elbphilharmonie

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A few hours after the golden hour and already later in the evening it becomes more and more interesting on the new promenade at the river Elbe. I love the interesting structures of the lamps and their lights at the head. Interestingly, I had already experienced them at the Baumwall on a foggy morning and captured in black and white.

Here they enclose the Elbphilharmonie and give it a frame, while in the foreground the steps of the promenade glow in warm yellow and draw my eyes into the picture with the railing of the promenade.

Rickmer Rickmers (0063)

Rickmer Rickmers

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At the blue hour, the setting sun still illuminated the clouds in the west and so the facade of the Elbphilharmonie glowed in the background. At the same time, the illumination of the masts of the Rickmer Rickmers there provided the same effect — a good contrast to the blue of the sky.

Golden clouds above Steinwerder (0011)

Golden clouds above Steinwerder

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Rain clouds at the golden hour and clear sky in the west. This can then sometimes lead to such light moods over the Elbe island Steinwerder, as I have experienced here. Across on the southern bank of the Elbe you can see the musical theaters of »The Lion King« and »The Ice Queen« and west of them the buildings of the company Buss. But what a spectacular sky above! Golden clouds!

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