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Eissendorfer Wald (0053)

Eissendorf Forest

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We enjoyed this beautiful mixed forest in October after a rainy day. The green just blow us away, both from the leaves and from the grasses on the forest floor.

When we were here in the Eissendorf forest on a photo walk, I was surprised to discover afterwards that this forest still belongs to Hamburg. The forest is located in the Autobahn junction Hamburg Südwest, near the exit Marmsdorf. From the village of Eissendorf east of the A7, this forest stretches westward and the outlines of the forest are followed by the state border between Hamburg and Lower Saxony.

Buchholz - Regenbogen (0031)

Rainbows over the fields of Dangersen

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October, like April, is typical for its rainbows. On our bike tour along the fields to Dibbersen we were not only lucky with the many fantastic clouds, but also that the rain area passed us much further north. When we stood at the fields towards Dangersen, the sun came out and gave us these rainbows.

If you look closely, you can still see the second rainbow above.

Regenwolke über Weiden (0015)

Small oak — big cloud

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This young oak tree stands in the fields near Dibbersen and I have always been looking for a way to include it in a motif.

Here it offers me the necessary contrast. The green meadow in the foreground, behind it the blue sky with its dramatic rain cloud and the horizon line interrupted only by the oak. I also took the photo again with a larger image detail and am actually unsure here which motif has the stronger image effect: read more and write a comment …

Regenwolken über den Feldern (0003)

Rain clouds above the fields

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On a short bike tour along the fields on the way to Dibbersen we had this wonderful and slightly dramatic cloud atmosphere. In addition to that the rich green of the winter cereal and the shade of the avenue trees in the foreground. The tractor tracks in the field lead the view to the clouds. This is a great composition, at least I think so.

Kleines Noor (0803)

Mangroves at the Baltic Sea?

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No, these are the dead trees that stand on Holnis on the banks of the little Noor. It was not until 2002 that the Noor, which had long been used as pasture land, was flooded again. This caused some of the trees on its south-eastern side to sink into the water and wither away. In the evening hours, when the sun is low in the west, the bare tree trunks glow so that at first sight it always looks like a mangrove forest — at least that’s my impression.

Holnis - Abendstimmung (0854)

Burning night sky

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An evening on the west coast of Holnis, on the small Noor. I had not expected that the cloud atmosphere would change into a burning sky that evening. But that’s how it is with the most beautiful moments in photography — they are usually given to you!

The whole west side of the Flensborg Fjord was full of colorful clouds. In the following panorama you can see the lighthouse of Schausende in the silhouette on the left. Towards Flensborg there are the dark rain clouds, towards west the orange sunset clouds. read more and write a comment …

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