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Blue tit in rose bush (0002)

Blue tit in rose bush

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In times of pandemic, the home garden must also be used for nature photography. We have a variety of garden birds around us, some also breed on our property and so it is always a pleasure when I get one of the birds in front of the lens from time to time.

Here it was the blue tit sitting in the rose branches and looking up to feed.

Schwäne auf dem Junkernfeld (0077)

Swans on the flooded Junkernfeld

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Along the lower Seeve, the area Junkernfeld runs through the nature reserve. In summer the checkerboard flowers bloom here, but at the end of winter many parts of it are still flooded lake-like. Many waterfowl can be found there, like these two swans I watched in the warm light of the setting sun.

I love the view of the back bird looking critically over at me, while the other swan spreads its wings elegantly. I love the background light that shines through the wing feathers and makes them shine like fine silk.

Untere Seeveniederung (0050)

Seeve foreland

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Days after the flooding of the fields along the Seeve, the foreland of the dike was partially flooded. The nature reserve Untere Seeveniederung is crossed by the Seeve (see the map at the end of this blog-post). The dike along the Seeve itself is only quite shallow, only west of the Junkernfeld and in the northeast along the Asshauser Mühlengraben are the dikes significantly higher, because storm surges were able to push into the Seeve lowland until the 60s.

Along the course of the river there are always single trees. The foreland was somewhat shielded from the wind by the small dike, which is why I could observe such a beautiful reflection here. The dike lying in the shade draws itself in the arc around the water surface and pulls the viewer into the picture. In the background, the powerful and warm sidelight of the setting sun ensures that one’s gaze is led back towards the tree.

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Flooding in Untere Seeveniederung (0054)

Flooding in the Seeveniederung

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Not after the snow melted, but after a day of extensive rainfall, I had set out for the area Untere Seeveniederung, about 30 km from home towards the river Elbe, because I just wanted to explore the Seeve and the terrain at Junkernfeld. There were still rain clouds in the sky and in the late afternoon the sun was already quite flat in the southwest when I arrived there. When I got to the Seeve Bridge in the south of Junkernfeld, I first noticed the high water level of the river. The adjacent pastures were partly flooded and the ditch coming from the south at the bridge had already overflowed its banks. Therefore, I was drawn a little further south along the path that runs along Steller Lake. Hardly after a group of bushes the view opened again to the west, I saw the in wide parts flooded pasture landscape like a mirror for the cloudy sky in front of me.

Wow, what a picture lay here before me! I immediately had the composition in my head and only had to set up the tripod and align the camera correctly! Later, in the image processing, the image was also exactly as I remembered it. Only a few small optimizations and I can now present it so.

Steller See - Backlight (0034)

Backlight in the Seevengeti

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At the edge of Steller Lake is a grazing area for highland cattle, which has been left somewhat overgrown and kept free of bushes by the cattle. As in the Serengeti by the wild animals living there, hence the freely invented name Seevengeti for this near-natural shore piece.

Therefore, the grazing areas around the bird watching stand near the lakeshore are fenced, of which you can see here in the picture a few of the old fence posts framed by the lights. The lights are created by the backlight situation on out-of-focus seed pods of a tree standing nearby.

Steller See - Reed grass in evening light (0030)

Reed grass in evening light

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By an Internet article of the district Harburg I had become attentive on the Steller lake in the nature reserve »Untere Seeveniederung«. The Steller lake lies in the winter evening hours properly in the shadow of the marshalling yard Maschen. Again and again the passing trains can be heard from there.

But when the sun was already very flat and shone through the narrow strip of birch trees that runs along the footpath, my focus was only on the resulting play of light. I didn’t hear the trains at all anymore.

I was looking almost directly into the golden sun when I spotted this reed grass. The ears of corn really glowed in the backlight!

Long-tailed tit (0025)

Long-tailed tits

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Rarely do long-tailed tits visit our garden. In recent years, I had the pleasure of watching them once in the spring, when the branch tits roamed the neighbor’s garden. This year was different, the nut nets seem to attract the tail tits as well. So I have been able to watch these birds at the nut net for a while.

I am always amazed at how thin on the underbelly the plumage appears when I photograph it in such detail.

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