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Blaumeise auf Besichtigungstour (0014)

Blue tit on inspection tour

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This blue tit was visiting our rhododendron bush for some time. The cut branches are mostly used by tits to fly up to the nest box. The bush itself protects the approach very well and is so bare inside that even further distances inside the bush can be covered.

Here the blue tit looks up to the entrance of the nest box. Is the way too far? Can she reach it with a few flaps of her wings? The light comes appropriately from above for this photo, barely illuminating the background and only the blue tit’s bright head.

In the end, I guess it wasn’t so fitting, no tit family had moved into our nest box this spring. Too bad!

Female blackbird (0001)

Female blackbird

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I prefer the birds in natural surroundings, blackbirds, for example, foraging in our flower beds or on the grassy areas around our house.

But when this blackbird lady presented herself so on the back of the chair, I gratefully took the motif. This shows off the beautiful brown shoulder and head plumage of the female blackbird. On the beak, you can still see the fine feathers that wrap around it like a beard. And in addition the yellow rimmed eye!

Female House sparrow (0012)

House sparrows at feeding place

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It was a slightly rainy day. I was once again sitting in my camouflage tent and was only about 2 meters away from our bird feeding place. At this time of day, almost exclusively house sparrows were frolicking at the feeder. The female jumped once on the edge, so I could capture it in full size. You should view this image in large — on a tablet or laptop/desktop monitor. Even a few raindrops stand out on the plumage.

With the male it was different. He was still eating a sunflower seed and you can even see his tongue in his open beak! Again, please open the picture also on a large monitor!

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Long-tailed Tit (0104)

Long-tailed Tit

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Before the beginning of the breeding season, I usually saw the long-tailed tits in pairs at our feeders. Unfortunately, I don’t know where they have been breeding now, because I don’t see them at all since a few weeks — but all the more the much smaller fir tits. This time, the long-tailed tit had taken up waiting position below the nut net in the rose. The picture shows so nicely that they have a scalloped yellow rim above the eye like an eyelid — I always think they have eyeshadow on!

Blue tit in morning light (0027)

Blue tit in morning light

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It’s so beautiful when the morning light hits our patio and illuminates the box tree so brightly. It gives the perfect background for my bird pictures because it creates an irregular glowing green when it is out of focus. The telephoto lens then creates such beautiful bokeh effects.

This morning, a blue tit had taken up residence on the perch in front of the box tree in search of food and posed for a few portrait photos.

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