Green creek
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I have always noticed how beautiful the small path past the fields is for me. Big stately trees form a small footpath avenue and at the beginning there is a beech hedge on one side. But right after a rain … read more and write a comment …

Green over green
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I love this little footpath along the fields with it’s old trees.

Young green in golden hour
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When the golden evening light falls on the trunks and the young green of the trees is my favorite time to be outside in spring. Again and again I am drawn to the small footpath alley at the edge of … read more and write a comment …

Goodbye to April
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April 2020 was unusual. The weather was rather cloudless and without rain. From the society the Corona Lockdown, which has meant many weeks of work from the home office for me, too. Luckily we didn’t have a strict curfew in … read more and write a comment …

Autumn arrives — cranes over Buchholz
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We heard the whole afternoon today in the garden and also in the house crane yelling. It was great to see swarms of cranes of different sizes moving over us during the gardening work. But this afternoon it was a … read more and write a comment …

Shit — slipped!
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I liked to watch the bees on the yellow coneflowers. At the end of the day they were usually quite tired and only moved slowly on the flowers. This wild bee crawled out like a springboard on one of the … read more and write a comment …

Bee in spider’s web
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As soon as bees and bumble bees are happy on the cone flowers, other animals also try their luck with these plants. A spider had stretched its web between the flowers and one evening I found this bee in it. … read more and write a comment …

Hey — get off my nectar source!
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If bees could talk to each other … such a communication could have taken place here. It is always interesting to observe several bees cavorting on one of the coneflower blossoms. Here again once on the coneflower of the type … read more and write a comment …

Coneflowers & Bees
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As the first flower of lavender slowly came to an end, we were able to offer bees and bumble bees a good nectar-rich substitute for their feeding in our garden. It was beautiful to see how the bees were making … read more and write a comment …

Bees in our garden
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Again and again I enjoy discovering bees on the flowers in our garden. Here are the Spanish harebells that have magically attracted a bee. For a long time the bee disappeared in the calyx, so that I could take a … read more and write a comment …

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