Green over green
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I love this little footpath along the fields with it’s old trees.

Young green in golden hour
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When the golden evening light falls on the trunks and the young green of the trees is my favorite time to be outside in spring. Again and again I am drawn to the small footpath alley at the edge of … read more and write a comment …

Dramatic Clouds above the Treene
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Right on the first evening of our holiday on the Eiderstedt peninsula we were pulled out by bike into the Treenemarsch. It should be an unforgettable late summer evening with dramatic clouds about us, which we don’t know from home. … read more and write a comment …

Hafencity — Old customs house
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The contrast between the beautiful Old Customs House and the modern office buildings at Ericusspitze fascinates me again and again. But on this day, on my way home through the Hafencity, the autumn sunshine at the golden hour offered me … read more and write a comment …

Hamburg Town Hall in autumn mood
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A picture like I had for over a week in my mind. On the way home on a Friday evening I had seen the avenue trees at the Ballindamm in great autumn coloring and from the corner of my eye … read more and write a comment …

Golden hour near Rantum
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It couldn’t have been any different, but during a stay of several days on Sylt the time of the sunset on the west coast is also part of it. Moreover, with mixed clouds over the day promised to become an … read more and write a comment …

Frozen Alster Lake in golden Light
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It was a morning at the beginning of March, weeks with icy temperatures lay behind Hamburg and again and again a wonderfully clear sky over the city. Over the weeks the Binnenalster continued to freeze over, even if at some … read more and write a comment …

Red Cliff at Kampen
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Kampen on Sylt, below the Red Cliff. I am always fascinated by the rust-red clay edge of the cliff, which is up to 30 metres high, especially when the sunlight intensifies the effect of the colour at the golden hour. … read more and write a comment …

Golden hour in Teton Valley
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At the end of a wonderful and cloudy but most of the time clear days we had a fantastic golden hour. Due to the dry grazing land the gold was even more visible. Just a week later we had the … read more and write a comment …

Hamburgs second sun
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In the winter shortly after sunrise, the southern facade of the Elbphilharmony shines like a second sun — while our real sun continued to rise in the southeast. Dock 10 of the shipyard Blohm & Voss is still visible in … read more and write a comment …