Old stack at golden hour
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Still the Baltic Sea lay like a mirror before me. Compared to my previous picture, I had turned my view here only by 90 degrees and looked to the north over the fjord. The tree remnant on the fjord shore, … read more or write a comment …

Golden hour at Flensburg Fjord
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Vacation on the Holnis peninsula. Arrive, unload the car and take the cottage. Then first time to look at the sky. In the late afternoon, there were signs that the sun would be in the sky a little longer. The … read more or write a comment …

Seeve foreland
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Days after the flooding of the fields along the Seeve, the foreland of the dike was partially flooded. The nature reserve Untere Seeveniederung is crossed by the Seeve (see the map at the end of this blog-post). The dike along … read more or write a comment …

Backlight in the Seevengeti
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At the edge of Steller Lake is a grazing area for highland cattle, which has been left somewhat overgrown and kept free of bushes by the cattle. As in the Serengeti by the wild animals living there, hence the freely … read more or write a comment …

Reed grass in evening light
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By an Internet article of the district Harburg I had become attentive on the Steller lake in the nature reserve »Untere Seeveniederung«. The Steller lake lies in the winter evening hours properly in the shadow of the marshalling yard Maschen. … read more or write a comment …

Golden hour on Brunsberg
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When the golden rays of the sun were still just shining over the summit of the Brunsberg, I was on the north side and found this tree trunk lying in the snow. Beautiful how the sun’s rays fall over a … read more or write a comment …

Winter sunset at Brunsberg
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On the last wintry weekend in the Lüneburg Heath I had set out for the Brunsberg. I wanted to experience the golden light there on the snowy heath and capture it in photographs. When I was just on the open … read more or write a comment …

Landing piers in pandemic times
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In November, on a day off, I drove to Hamburg and enjoyed the cloudless sky and the empty harbor edge. I admit, I have never seen such empty piers in my life. Due to the pandemic, all restaurants were closed … read more or write a comment …

Golden Raincloud (Pano)
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In the months since the beginning of the Corona Pandemic I not only work from my home office but also don’t come out of Buchholz to take pictures. But that doesn’t do any harm to my photographer’s eye. It’s great … read more or write a comment …

Rainbow season
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Golden hour, rain clouds and we just came back from the cornfields when this rainbow opened up in front of us. The small street in the foreground is not noticeable at all and due to the stately avenue trees, the … read more or write a comment …

Green over green
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I love this little footpath along the fields with it’s old trees.

Young green in golden hour
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When the golden evening light falls on the trunks and the young green of the trees is my favorite time to be outside in spring. Again and again I am drawn to the small footpath alley at the edge of … read more or write a comment …

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