Birch avenue ice trees
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The last weekend in January brought the north of Lower Saxony once again wintry dream weather. When with night temperatures of ‑9 to ‑12 degrees centigrade also fog was predicted at night, it was certain for me to drive out … read more or write a comment …

Eissendorf Forest
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We enjoyed this beautiful mixed forest in October after a rainy day. The green just blow us away, both from the leaves and from the grasses on the forest floor. When we were here in the Eissendorf forest on a … read more or write a comment …

The old oak tree on the cliff
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The oak tree on the cliff had done it to me in the two weeks on Holnis. Again and again I took pictures of it, photographed it from many sides. But in the end, the photograph from the first day … read more or write a comment …

Magical light
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Close to our house an enchanted path runs through the undergrowth, surrounded by stately trees. In the evening, just before sunset, the sun shines in from the side and produces this wonderful light atmosphere on the tree trunks.

Oaks in the fields near Heidenau
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We were cycling through the fields between Sittensen and Buchholz when we passed this beautiful group of oaks. I always love the time with the soft veil clouds in the sky, which develop their drama only in infrared photography. Here … read more or write a comment …

Green creek
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I have always noticed how beautiful the small path past the fields is for me. Big stately trees form a small footpath avenue and at the beginning there is a beech hedge on one side. But right after a rain … read more or write a comment …

Green over green
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I love this little footpath along the fields with it’s old trees.

Young green in golden hour
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When the golden evening light falls on the trunks and the young green of the trees is my favorite time to be outside in spring. Again and again I am drawn to the small footpath alley at the edge of … read more or write a comment …

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To me it looks as if the willow was a large brush that had just been dipped into the paint pot in front of it. We had driven our bikes east out of Schwabstedt to cross the geest to the Treene … read more or write a comment …

Grasengrund and half moon in Infrared
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In the summer of 2018 I was frequently commuting between Soltau and Buchholz for 2 months. Due to a construction site closure of the street towards Soltau I had to drive mostly the small road (Grasengrund) between Deimern and the … read more or write a comment …

Großneumarkt (Infrared)
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Großneumarkt, one of the small market places in Hamburg. Nearby is the famous church St. Micheal, in Hamburg just called »Michel‹. I love this market place with its surrounding trees and the little alley in the center of the place. … read more or write a comment …

Hamburg — Jenisch Park
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The Jenisch house was built between 1831 and 1834 and was opened to the public almost a hundred years later as a museum with the surrounding park. The shadow play of the large trees on the Elbe side of the … read more or write a comment …