Turquoise blue lake on the edge of a highland river
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I had this lake on my wish list ever since I found it on google maps. Because of the color, I have to admit I really wanted to use the drone to capture it from an aerial perspective. The riverbed of the highland river in the foreground gives the picture even more depth. All the more reason to photograph from this direction.

The colors are typical for Iceland. Although not so often, because black and green usually predominate. But it was typically Icelandic — treeless! Brown soil, with erosion gullies cutting through different layers of earth give the motif something special. And then, in total color contrast to the brown, the turquoise of the lake surface.

This picture is one of my favorites of the Icelandic highlands, along with pictures of Mælifell, the mossy course of the river in black desert and pictures of Kerlingarfjöll.

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  1. Roswitha Volquardsen
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    Hallo Marc,
    solche Farben vermutet man gar nicht auf Island, ein wunderschönes Foto!

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