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Dramatic sunrise atmosphere (1501)

Dramatic sunrise atmosphere

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The sun had barely passed over one band of clouds before it disappeared again behind the next. Half an hour before, it still looked like one band of clouds, but now the layers of clouds became clear. It was great how the sun not only disappeared behind the cloud band, but also made its upper edge glow dramatically yellow.

In addition, there is the group of trees on the northern hook near Schleimünde. This in turn makes one think of savannah pictures. Only the duck in the foreground doesn’t quite fit in.

What a great atmosphere!

Schleimünde Sunrise (1480)

The sun comes up!

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After looking at the cloud band and the land and sea below for 34 of an hour, and everything taking on more and more warm colors, the sun finally appeared between two cloud bands!

As if on command, the seagulls flew towards us, there was suddenly much more movement in the air. In the center of the picture you can still see the water birds, which were probably on land or in the shallow water areas around the spit hook. Somehow you can guess their mirror images.

Flying warm (1429)

»Flying warm«

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I haven’t figured out yet why water birds fly up in swarms just before sunrise and fly laps over their night perches. Maybe an ornithologist or biologist can help me here?

In any case, I had this great experience shortly before sunrise with a view of Schleimünde. The birds rose in swarms and flew from north to south and back through the picture. The view here goes to the northern spit hook, on which also the group of trees seen here stands. You just can’t see it because I took this shot with 500mm focal length. 

At that time there was only one lonely fisherman besides the birds. Slightly blurred you can see his small fishing boat on the right side of the picture.

Golden clouds over Angeln (0991)

Golden clouds over Angeln

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That evening, the golden clouds were rather over the landscape Angeln (between Flensburg and Kappeln) than over landscape Schwansen (south of the Schlei Fjord) and I was thus on the wrong bank of the Schlei. So I let the drone rise to set the warmly lit fields and the shadows of the landscape from 100 meters into the picture.

It had been worthwhile! What a mood I could observe and capture for you.

Red Kite (0343)

Red Kites!


In the north of Schleswig-Holstein red kites are very rare — the main distribution area here is the east and southeast of Schleswig-Holstein. I was all the more surprised when I identified the bird of prey, which was searching for prey over the fields near the vacation home, as a red kite.
Typical are the white areas on the underside of the wings, furthermore the 5 fingers at the end of the wings — a black kite should have 6 of them! And its forked tail also makes the identification very clear.

We quickly noticed it was not just one bird, but at least three, if not 4. Later I managed to have two, and later three Red Kites together on one picture. read more or write a comment …

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