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Sunset over the cornfield

Sunset over the cornfield

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This is the first smartphone picture I’ve shown on my blog. I can now shoot in high resolution and especially in RAW so that I can capture beautiful lighting moods at any time with the camera in my pocket and still be able to edit them with my image processing procedure.

I had this lighting mood on one of my evening walks along the Meilsen fields. I love it when clouds take on a strong yellow color, but at the same time allow a view of the turquoise sky. The last time I had this was a few years ago — admittedly much more dramatically — at Flensburg Fjord.

Apple blossoms shortly before opening

Apple blossoms shortly before opening

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Nature photography in your own garden begins again. Now that the first crocuses have long since faded, the apple tree is getting ready to provide food for the insects. This year I tried to show other flowers in the background as a splash of color. Did I succeed, unlike in previous photos?

In any case, I liked the color of the not yet blossomed flowers in the warm morning light.

From north - mossy trees in the forest

From North

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On our cycle tours through the Nordheide, we are always discovering new paths. Sometimes we just take familiar paths in the opposite direction, as happened on this day when we were cycling through a forest path coming from the north.

We hadn’t noticed the knobby trees at the side of the path before, but when we saw the north side of the trees, they were covered in moss! What a great sight, with the moss glowing bright green in the sunlight!

Attentive Vizsla

Young Vizsla


The Vizsla is a pointing dog originating from Hungary. This one is called Taco and is about the same age as the previously presented Small Münsterlander Finley. Both were on hunting training together that day, so I was able to see some of the same tasks, such as the focused sit-stay here, even when the master disappeared from view.

But there were also completely different opportunities when Taco had to sit and his master walked a wide arc around him. So I was able to photograph him in a great position — with a surprising end! read more or write a comment …

Finley - Small Münsterländer

Small Münsterländer


This is Finley. The Small Münsterländer (there is also a breed »Large Münsterländer«) is being trained to become a hunting dog. Here I was present at one of the first sessions, where obeying and attention were trained.

In the picture above, the master had moved away and hidden behind a mound of earth. Finley had to remain seated and was not distracted by me or the clicking of my camera shutter!

Then it was time to search for objects. He ran long laps around his master and searched the area. I captured him at full speed. read more or write a comment …

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