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Baltic coast below Bockholm (0351)

On the steep bank near Wahrberg

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The steep bank near Wahrberg, located on the southeastern edge of the Holnis peninsula, was unknown to us for many years. Above is a golf course, which you cross along the road to Bockholmwik, and from Bockholmwik you have a beautiful view of the beech forest that stands on top of the steep bank.

You can make a nice round trip from Bockholmwik by walking between the golf club and the forest to Bockholm on the way out, and then walking back along the rocky shore below the bluff. That’s what we did this year. read more or write a comment …

Holnis - Blue hour (0180)

Holnis — Blue hour

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What that already blue hour? The sun had disappeared below the horizon, the clouds above me and their reflection in the fjord were dark blue to purple. A few small, low-hanging rain clouds drifted through the scene and the horizon above the Danish fjord shore still glowed golden.

Only a moment later, the whole mood was gone. Suddenly wind came up and the Baltic Sea was deprived of its mirror property.

Holnis - Golden hour (0150)

Old stack at golden hour

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Still the Baltic Sea lay like a mirror before me. Compared to my previous picture, I had turned my view here only by 90 degrees and looked to the north over the fjord. The tree remnant on the fjord shore, and in the further course the old stone stack drew my gaze to the Danish shore.
The sun had sunk so low in the meantime that only the tree and a few stones on the shore were illuminated golden. In stark contrast, the purple sky with a few gaps of light blue in the clouds.

The purple clouds and their reflection give the whole picture its mood. I love these colors!

Holnis - Golden Hour (0100)

Golden hour at Flensburg Fjord

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Vacation on the Holnis peninsula. Arrive, unload the car and take the cottage. Then first time to look at the sky. In the late afternoon, there were signs that the sun would be in the sky a little longer. The clouds were loose, the last rainy areas in the course of the day gone. So I packed my photo backpack and tripod to enjoy the atmosphere at the fjord coast right on the first evening.

What I had not counted on that it had become almost windless and therefore the Baltic Sea was like a mirror for the golden sky above me! What a great mood!
To my luck, a narrow strip above the horizon was cloudless and so I had beautiful shadow gradients from the tree, which was on the shore of the fjord coast and pulls the view right into the picture. Also the reflections of the dark clouds in the water create this effect.

Demanding blackbird (0018)

Food envy II — blackbirds

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That’s how it started — at the edge of our terrace a blackbird branchling demanded food and in the foreground mother blackbird was busy preparing it. Probably it was a snail, in any case it was pulled or beaten several times over the floor. Thereby the branchling always stood close by and followed each of the mother’s activities.

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Feed envy (0373)

Feeding envy — the feeding of 2 branchlings

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In our lilac bush on one of the days. The mother of two house sparrows had to get some food, and as soon as she flew towards one of the young birds, the second young sparrow came along and opened its beak.
But should she possibly choose the first one after all? Let’s see, right or left, who was fed in the end? read more or write a comment …

Male Bullfinch (0012)

Male Bullfinch

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This male bullfinch came to portrait session to us in the garden. I had »set up« the background and provided a nice perch. Everything fit, but unfortunately I could not stop him from eating all the time.
Constantly something fell out of his beak — what manners!

But he had at least some patience with me and so I could shoot a small series:

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