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Wild Carrot (0121-0131)

Wild Carrot

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The so-called wild carrot, is spreading more and more in our region along the edges of the fields. It is an ancestor of our carrot, which we eat so much as a vegetable or raw food. The flower is very interesting how it opens from an almost round basket, spreading its white umbrella.

Meadow goatsbeard (0281-0330)

Meadow goatsbeard


The slightly larger dandelion

It is beautiful to see how nature produces such filigree formations to spread its seeds far into the landscape. Over the last few years, the meadow goatsbeard has spread further and further along the edges of our fields. After their yellow blossom, they form a star-shaped arrangement of their seeds, analogous to the dandelion. The elongated nut fruits have a feather-like appendix. As with the dandelion, this ensures that the fruits are capable of flight. read more or write a comment …

Amrum - Alone on the beach (0825)

Alone on the Beach

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With this picture I say goodbye to the scenic flight over the North Frisian Wadden Sea. Two people walk in the last and warm sunlight over the narrow northern part of the Kniepsand on the island of Amrum, while we fly over them in about 600 meters height.

For me the perfect farewell picture, because it shows the return from the nature of the Wadden Sea. At the same time, it was with the last beautiful and strong sunlight, which here also created the long shadows of the two beach walkers.

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Sandbank with seal colony (0316)

Sandbank with seal colony

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The sea sides of the megaripples north of Amrum are populated at their highest points again and again with small seal colonies. Here I have focused the motive on exactly this place and one sees on the small ripple structures well the seals lie. This sandbank is yellowish, which probably also gives the water here its strong green coloration.

You can see in this picture how shallow the water in front of the sandbank must be. There the ripple structures continue.

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