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Regenfront (0671)

Approaching rain front

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This rain front came like a roller from the west towards the Flensburg Fjord. As before, at the light spot on the old stack a few days before, but not on such a big front as seen on this day. Again and again it can be seen on Holnis, how the weather changes from this direction came across the landscape.

Holnis Kliff (0567)

Holnis cliff in late summer

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Photographing the Holnis Cliff in the rays of light of the setting sun is a real pleasure in late summer. At this time the sun sets much further to the southwest and shines on the edge of the cliff.

I had a little bit of trouble with the many clouds in front of the sun, so that the cliff was rarely well lit. Here I was lucky that a flock of geese flew over and made the picture perfect.

Spot on auf dem alten Stack (0543)

Spot on!

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It was really hard for me to get the old stack on the north shore of the Holnis peninsula in the right light for several days — until shortly before leaving the coast the sun fell through an open spot in the steep bank and put a spot of light on the stack. It couldn’t have been better!

Holnis - Niedrigwasser (0418)

Low Water

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The first days on Holnis offered us different water levels. First a few days with such a high water level that you could hardly go around the tip of the peninsula, and then low water again that I could go far out on the sea floor.
Here I was close to the salt marsh to the west of Holnis Point. On the picture you can still see on the left side the sand hook, which extends from the salt marsh to the north into the fjord and on which a variety of water birds can be seen again and again.

Vollmond über Brunsnæs (0275)

Full moon rising above Brunsnæs

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I have dreamed of such a picture for a long time. The moon with all its structures, the moonlight reflected in the water and furthermore the windows of the houses in the small village Brunsnæs shine in the same warm colors.

Only shortly after sunset at full moon one is lucky to see the moon in a golden-yellow, almost reddish light and I was especially impressed that this color could also be seen in the reflection on the Flensburg Fjord.

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