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Golden hour on Brunsberg (0047)

Golden hour on Brunsberg

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When the golden rays of the sun were still just shining over the summit of the Brunsberg, I was on the north side and found this tree trunk lying in the snow. Beautiful how the sun’s rays fall over a trail of light in the snow on the tree trunk and somehow find their continuation on the snow field in the background.
Now here in northern Germany the snow winter is already over, but I like to share again my memories of these two weeks, which has offered us such beautiful moments.

Buchholz - Brunsberg (0008)

Winter sunset at Brunsberg

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On the last wintry weekend in the Lüneburg Heath I had set out for the Brunsberg. I wanted to experience the golden light there on the snowy heath and capture it in photographs. When I was just on the open area and still on the ascent to the Brunsberg (mountains are called here elevations with 129m!), I passed a small group of trees, through which the sun shone so beautifully.

The snow in the foreground, the heather plants, which looked a little out of the snow and in addition the golden sunlight, which I alternated again and again with shadow areas. That’s how foreground has to be! Interesting, drawing the eye into the picture.

Tister Bauernmoor im Eis (0135)

Icy Moor Landscape

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These days we have icy nights in the north of Germany again and I like to think back to the sunrise at ‑12 degrees © in the Tister Bauernmoor, which I was able to experience 2 weeks earlier. The difference to today’s weather was then the foggy night, which had covered many of the trees, bushes and grasses in the moor with a layer of ice.

Close to the lookout is a little water area to the west of the lookout tower. Here the sun had not yet passed over the denser trees, so that large parts of the water surface were still in the shade. Only the treetops on the other bank shone white! read more and write a comment …

Ice Trees (0065)

Birch avenue ice trees

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The last weekend in January brought the north of Lower Saxony once again wintry dream weather. When with night temperatures of ‑9 to ‑12 degrees centigrade also fog was predicted at night, it was certain for me to drive out into the countryside on Sunday morning. Still in moonlight I was in Steinbeck and had hoped for the ice trees there, but it was there only weakly. So I made my way via Tostedt to the Tister moor. Shortly before sunrise there were still ‑12 degrees centigrade, but I saw off the road still hanging fog fields.

When I then came out of the villages and was on the road to Sittensen, I came through the ice-crusted birch avenue! Fortunately, the road has long straights and was also so early on Sunday still little used. So I put on the hazard lights and stopped on the road. The shoulder was simply not to be made out under the snow. And so I was able to take this photo. This shot is taken with the telephoto lens, which condensed the avenue trees so nicely.

Rotkelchen (0135)

»Will it taste good?«

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So the robin looks at the acorns on the path in front of him. While I suspect it saw something else, I think it’s just beautiful to watch the robins foraging here.

What I love about this subject is the dark browns surrounding the bird’s richly colored body. I’m thinking of printing this photo on baryta paper in large, maybe even 11×17 inch. I’ll have to challenge my printer again sometime. Maybe it would look good on your wall?

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