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In sweet dreams (0344)

Broholm puppies — 1 week old


The eyes of the young Broholmers were still closed and the puppies only crawled through the puppy box, mostly close to their mother. There are only two functions at that age: Sucking and sleeping. The post picture shows a young female. Rosa (they don’t have names yet and are referred to by their collars) was the last of the litter to be born with 7 puppies and is therefore also the lightest. read more or write a comment …

Mirrored grass (0193)

Grass in reflection

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Warmly lit by the sun, withered in winter and standing in the dark moor pond. What a great contrast between the yellow leaves of grass and the dark water of the moor.

It was just lovely to be in the Tister Bauernmoor at sunrise.

This is my last picture from this year’s series of the Tister Bauernmoor. If you want to see the other pictures again, just follow the tag moor landscape. There you can also see pictures from previous years, such as a visit at ‑12 degrees! A completely different atmosphere than in January 2023.

Winterliches Gras im Moor (0194)

Grass in winter moor

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The photo shows tufts of grass standing on a decayed tree trunk in the water of the moorland in Tister Bauernmoor in winter. The grass is illuminated by the warm morning sun and gives a beautiful contrast to the dark water of the small lake, on which light ice formation can be seen.

This photo shows the beauty and tranquillity of nature in winter.

The other side of the sunrise (0154)

Sunrise — the back side

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As I walked away from the lake on the sunny side, I thought of following the tracks of the moor railway once more in the Tister Bauernmoor and walking to a small lake on the west side of the moor. Here, too, the clouds set by the sun appeared above the water and reflected so beautifully in it. This lake was completely sheltered from the wind. In the foreground the shore was slowly silting up and everywhere you could see old tree trunks lying in the water.

Far out on the lake, a small group of geese passed by. You can’t see them here in the photo, but I remember their chattering fondly!

Tister Bauernmoor - before sunrise (0054)

Tister Bauernmoor — before sunrise

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Tister Bauernmoor was transformed from industrial peat extraction to a rewetted natural paradise after the turn of the millennium. Today, thousands of cranes migrate here in autumn and just as many geese can be observed here during winter time. It is located only about 20 minutes by car from my home.

From one of the two observation towers you have a great view of the vast water areas, in which the clouds can be reflected when there is no wind. What I like about this picture is the glowing orange stripe as it extends below the dark blue cloud. If you look closely, you can also see the orange behind the small groups of trees on the water surface, because there the water was a little calmer on the lee side (the side away from the wind).


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