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Háifoss (0547)

Háifoss (II)


In 2021 I had already been to Háifoss and Granni, its nearby waterfall. At that time, however, we looked down on the waterfall from the upper reaches or into its lower reaches and the spray from the waterfall.

This time I wanted to take my time and hike to the valley floor of the river Fossá í Þjórsárdal to perceive the height of the waterfall in a different way than if you only look from above. But I have to admit, I’m always attracted to waterfalls by the contrasting, dramatic motifs. As in 2021 from the upper reaches, now looking down on the valley floor. Or photographed from the valley floor itself in the following image: read more or write a comment …

Hourseshoe bend at Innri-Ásgarðsá (0163)

Hourseshoe bend at Innri-Ásgarðsá


Kerlingarfjöll also has its river with a horseshoe-shaped valley meander. This is the Innri-Ásgarðsá River, which flows from the Hveradalir valley down to the highland plain. It passes also Highland Base Kerlingarfjöll, which was also our base camp for a few days. For me, this was the farewell from Kerlingarfjöll.

But of course with a view back to the mountain area we hiked the last days: read more or write a comment …

View across the valley Hveradalir (0381-Pano)

View across the valley Hveradalir into the highlands

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This is a rarely seen sight in Kerlingarfjöll. When you come from the car park, you look in all directions only at the mountains, Snækollur, Langafönn in the south and, for example, Mænir in the north. This view, on the other hand, opens up to the northeast, giving a view all the way into the flat highlands. Only behind the plateau does the glacier Hofsjökull appear in the east, you can see it very faintly in the photo. In the foreground are the glowing rhyolite ridges of the Hveradalir valley.

On the way down, with the sun now shining strongly, the valley with its many fumaroles could be seen in a completely different light mood. Above all, the hiking trail above is so beautiful to see. A valley full of visual contrasts: read more or write a comment …

Kerlingarfjöll (0329)

Kerlingarfjöll with sunspots


Hiking into the rhyolite mountains of Kerlingarfjöll under cloudy skies and then seeing the cloud cover partially break open makes a photographer’s heart beat faster. That’s what happened to me on the second day in Kerlingarfjöll. It had rained during the night, and I had actually wanted to set off on a longer hike, but the track to the north, which was still easy to walk on the previous day when it was dry, was now slippery and sticky because the clay had softened and collected into thick lumps under my shoes. Walking on sloping clay surfaces was out of the question.

So I chose other stair climbs from the central area and was rewarded with great views of the mountain and valley landscape as the sun broke through the clouds. In the post picture, you can clearly see the different ridges that can be reached via stairs. Now that it was wet, it was also clear why the stairways had been secured with wooden beams. read more or write a comment …

Fumaroles at Kerlingarfjöll (0284)

Fumaroles on one side of the valley


One side of the valley in Kerlingarfjöll towards the south is characterised by a completely different rock and is visually completely set off from the smooth and rounded rhyolite ridges. There are also some fumaroles there and especially an acoustically widely audible fumarole. Steam and hot water are repeatedly emitted here with a dull rumble. Details are shown in the picture.

The other 3 pictures show the whole valley side as a pano and the hiking trail in both directions:

read more or write a comment …

Hiking at Kerlingarfjöll (0248)

Hiking at Kerlingarfjöll


The rhyolite landscape at Kerlingarfjöll is a great hiking area and with its valleys full of fumaroles a great spot for landscape photography. On our first afternoon there in the highlands, we drove from the campsite further up into the mountains and did our first hike. There, you can do a circular hike of a little over 5 km, virtually circling one of the valleys with blue-grey river water. The 8 pictures in this article give an impression of the colourful experiences on this mountain and valley hike: read more or write a comment …

Kerlingarfjöll (0341)

Kerlingarfjöll — geothermal zone in the heart of Iceland

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The geothermal site in the mountains of Kerlingarfjöll has been on my wish list for a visit for a long time. I really wanted to hike the landscape there. It is special, after all, that you first descend from the high car park into the steaming river valley and then hike up various stairs from the area again. The hiking trails always lead along the ridges of the rhyolite mountains, from which you can look down on the other flank or into the valley. read more or write a comment …

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