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Elphi & Schietwedder

Elphilharmony after the rain

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This was a beautiful sunset at the Landungsbrücken in Hamburg. A rain front had just passed through as shortly before sunset the sun came through again. The Elbphilharmony and the Cap San Diego in front of it were warmly illuminated by the sun.

The effect was strengthened all the more by the dramatic rain cloud in the east. Typical Hamburg weather!

Fagradalsfjall Volcano - Lava wave (5005)

Farewell to Fagradalsfjall — Farewell to Iceland


The last hours at the volcano and at the same time the last hours on Iceland — the next morning the flight back to Hamburg should take off. For a long time we had watched with many other onlookers and volcano lovers the lava flow running across in front of us. Again and again we expected that it would be dammed up a little bit and then erupt to the side. After two hours of waiting and countless observations of lava details it happened, lava erupted from the lava flow on a broad front towards us. Quickly a semicircle was formed, to the center of which the lava cooled and quickly turned black. For a short time the flow came to a standstill and then the lava in front of the front sagged a bit and from gullies that opened the next arc of red-hot lava poured out. Within a few minutes, the 150 to 200 meters to the hillside we were standing on was filled with fresh lava.

I was dressed in a dew jacket and lined pants and fortunately had gloves on. The right half of my face was hidden behind the camera and in front of the left half I held my left hand. Otherwise I would not have been able to withstand the heat emanating from the lava surface in front of me. After the flow reached the slope, I had to step back many meters to let my face and body cool down again.

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Fagradalsfjall Vulcano - Sauron's eye (5130)

Sauron’s eye — and other details


With dryness and almost 4 hours at the edge of the volcano I could observe many details of cooling lava. Again and again layers of lava push over glowing lava, tear open the slightly cooled black surfaces and present glowing red lava underneath again.

Again and again you try to recognize figures or other objects in the lava, like I did with the cover picture the eye of Sauron. What do you think?

Attached is a gallery of 6 more details of the fresh lava of Fagradalsfjall volcano: read more or write a comment …

Fagradalsfjall volcano - Lava flow and lava fountains (4513)



The last day on Iceland. Once again the opportunity to climb up to the active volcano Fagradalsfjall and finally also a weather forecast that largely promised a dry day. After it was clear from the previous day that most of the action would be on the west side of the main crater, I had climbed back up to the volcano on this side together with René Algesheimer. From the first sighting of the crater, it was quickly clear that the large lava lake on the west side, with its fountain in the center, was still active. From the lake a several meters wide and fast flowing lava flow was still pouring south. Before we got across to the lava lake, I really wanted to get the lava flow together with the fountain into the picture. The great heat emanating from the lava flow and the lake behind it hardly allowed a sharp image. But what a mood! In the background lava splashes up like from a fountain. Two other pictures show the outflow from the lake and this together with the main crater. Everywhere the air was just wafting. read more or write a comment …

Fagradalsfjall vulcano (4088)

Fagradalsfjall volcano on Iceland II


At the beginning of my Iceland vacation, the Fagradalsfjall volcano had been active for more than 5 months and after I had experienced it active on Aug. 31, 2021, it had initially gone dormant for the two weeks I was traveling along the south coast and in the highlands. Many of my fellow travelers on the highlands tour had not been fortunate enough to experience the volcano before, and we were all the more excited when it became active again after our return from the highlands. So, on our way to the airport, we decided to take the southern route on the Reykjanes peninsula once again, so that we could take the route up to the volcano if necessary.

Unfortunately the weather was not so good. It was raining and we had strong south wind when we left in a small group. It was clear that we wanted to take the western route up to the volcano, because there we could simply get closer. And what luck we had when we came over the ridge and saw the main crater. On its northwest flank it had cracked open and a lava lake had formed in front of it. As before, the red-hot lava came shooting out of the crater. The whole area in front of it was a single bubbling pot and in the middle of it a lava fountain had formed. Whether here a new vent had opened or simply only the kinetic energy of the lava from the main crater let it splash up there, I could not find out. But what a sight we had with the crater on the right and the fountain in the lava lake. The lava lake poured over an outflow in southwestern direction, so we could see a big lava flow parallel to the ridge. Further pictures show some of these details, especially once again the fountain:

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Iceland - Háifoss

Háifoss & Granni


Háifoss is one of the great Icelandic waterfalls and plunges with its neighbor the Granni over 100 meters into the depth. Here in the backlight, you can see only the spray of the Granni, which keeps moving into the valley and offered me a wonderful contrast to the dark rock walls of the valley basin.

From above you can see the waterfall in different perspectives. Following, for example, with the Háifoss on the right and and behind the rocky outcrop hidden the Granni:

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Ljótipollur (3750)


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We visited the explosion crater of Ljótipollur on our way out of the Icelandic highlands. Fascinating is the color contrast between the red crater walls and the old volcanic vent, which is covered with moss in a corner of the lake. Fortunately, there were two swans in the lake, so the scale of these rock structures becomes clear.

I love the colors of the Icelandic highlands — often black, lush green when it rains, and always yellow and red!

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