HaGü — Lighthouse Caretaker
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HaGü, with name Hans Günter Callsen, is unsalaried caretaker at the lighthouse Westerhever Sand. He is better known for his literary walks into the wadden sea.

Wide Heaven — Wide Sand
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A foto hike on the big sandbank at Westerhever: Wide Heaven — Wide Sand. Short after high tide we went out onto the sandbank near the lighthouse Westerhever Sand. The first shot was made with a dramatic perspective just at … read more and write a comment …

Beach Lilac in the flood
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The summer high water offered us some interesting perspectives. Beach Lilac in the flood, in the background the lighthouse Westerhever Sand

Summer Floods & Rain
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During the summer floods at June 26th at the lighthouse Westerhever Sand we had a lot of rain. It was exciting to experience the flooding of the salt meadows around the lighthouse, but a drama for the birds because many … read more and write a comment …