Pied wagtail on plowed field
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Together with the starlings was also a wagtail on the fresh field. However, this one was also alone and show a completely different behavior. She walked almost exclusively on the walls of the plow tracks, obviously to keep the overview. … read more and write a comment …

I am a star(ling)!
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When in spring the farmer plowed a field near us in Buchholz, there were immediately several starlings on the fresh topsoil. One of the starlings stood out a bit from the crowd of other birds. He was not looking for … read more and write a comment …

Blue tit on inspection tour
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This blue tit was visiting our rhododendron bush for some time. The cut branches are mostly used by tits to fly up to the nest box. The bush itself protects the approach very well and is so bare inside that … read more and write a comment …

Self confident blackbird cock
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Self-confidently the blackbird cock sits on the branches of the apple tree at our place. He stretches his beak into the air as if no one could touch him.

House sparrows at feeding place
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It was a slightly rainy day. I was once again sitting in my camouflage tent and was only about 2 meters away from our bird feeding place. At this time of day, almost exclusively house sparrows were frolicking at the … read more and write a comment …

Long-tailed Tit
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Before the beginning of the breeding season, I usually saw the long-tailed tits in pairs at our feeders. Unfortunately, I don’t know where they have been breeding now, because I don’t see them at all since a few weeks — … read more and write a comment …

Blue tit in morning light
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It’s so beautiful when the morning light hits our patio and illuminates the box tree so brightly. It gives the perfect background for my bird pictures because it creates an irregular glowing green when it is out of focus. The … read more and write a comment …

Blackbird with centipede
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It is always fascinating what I get in front of the lens in our garden. Blackbirds are not uncommon and I can always watch them pulling earthworms out of our lawn. But this evening it was something special. I was … read more and write a comment …

Chaffinch foraging for food
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Shortly after I had seen the chaffinch on the tree and it had flown away, I could spot it at the edge of the path in the sprouting grass. The beautiful evening light shone in stripes across the path and … read more and write a comment …

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I caught this chaffinch in the evening in the woods along the gravel road near our settlement. He sat next to me in the tree and seemed to enjoy the rays of the evening sun. If you look closely, you … read more and write a comment …

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The bullfinches are rare guests in our garden. Once I had seen the female bullfinch first in the feeder and when I had the camera ready, she retreated to the lilac bush behind it to feed in peace on the … read more and write a comment …

Swans on the flooded Junkernfeld
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Along the lower Seeve, the area Junkernfeld runs through the nature reserve. In summer the checkerboard flowers bloom here, but at the end of winter many parts of it are still flooded lake-like. Many waterfowl can be found there, like … read more and write a comment …

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