Steam Engines at Kiekeberg Museum
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Every two years a meeting of steam engines and tractors takes place at Kiekeberg. I am always fascinated to see the old technology of steam engines in operation. Matching the agricultural machinery at the meeting, one of the steam engines … read more and write a comment …

St. Pauli Elbe Tunnel
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The St. Pauli Elbe Tunnel from 1911 is one of the industrial heritages in the city center of Hamburg. The north entrance still shows the cupola of the orginal building and the great lifts for cars are still operating to … read more and write a comment …

Landscape Park Duisburg North
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Half a day, Astrid and I stayed with a friend at the Landscape Park Duisburg North (LaPaDu). While Astrid sketched and later came to us at the blue hour, we ran around the blast furnace 5 and I gave a … read more and write a comment …

LaPaDu Infrared
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On a day I went to the Landscape Park Duisburg (LaPdDu) to do some shots at blue hour, I had some time to take infrared images during daytime.

Museum of Industrial Culture Osnabrück
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The Haseschacht building from 1873 has a very close connection to the industrial heritage of Osnabrück. At this place there was a former colliery, where they produce stone coal between 1875 and 1898. The very short duration of the service was due to … read more and write a comment …