International Maritime Museum
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In the early morning hours, the sun slowly rises and colors the clouds brightly. In the background you can see the new buildings at Magdeburger Hafen, with the rotors on the roof the Greenpeace headquarters. In the middle is the … read more or write a comment …

Hafencity — Old customs house
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The contrast between the beautiful Old Customs House and the modern office buildings at Ericusspitze fascinates me again and again. But on this day, on my way home through the Hafencity, the autumn sunshine at the golden hour offered me … read more or write a comment …

Hamburg Town Hall in autumn mood
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A picture like I had for over a week in my mind. On the way home on a Friday evening I had seen the avenue trees at the Ballindamm in great autumn coloring and from the corner of my eye … read more or write a comment …

Growing Hafencity
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Many mornings on the way to Hamburg I saw the Elbphilharmonie shine — sometimes like a diamond, because the sunlight was reflected by the many vaults in the glass facade. This morning I drove through the growing Hafencity and saw … read more or write a comment …

Karlsruhe Castle
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Karlsruhe Castle is located in the heart of the city. With its tower it forms the centre of the baroque planned city. It is always fascinating to walk through one of the streets of the old town and see the … read more or write a comment …

Happy New Year
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A happy New Year to my readers of my photo blog. May all my readers share with me the enthusiasm for the beauty of my hometown Hamburg and the nature of our world and enjoy the experience themselves. This is what … read more or write a comment …

Dockland in Hamburg
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The building Dockland always fascinates me. If it is to rain in the evening hours, I like to drive here to the river Elbe. As in May, when I captured a fascinating light around the Dockland after a rain shower. … read more or write a comment …

Town Hall of Hamburg at Night
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After a long working day in the Hamburg Office I went to the Alster Lake to get away from the traffic jam on my way home. I got a fantastic clear sky at that evening to capture the Town Hall … read more or write a comment …

Zirkus Roncalli in Town
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During June 2016 the Zirkus Roncalli is in Hamburg and is playing its 40 Years of Roncalli show.I still remember my youth time, when I visited Roncalli with my parents. At that time it was a very special circus without … read more or write a comment …

Rainclouds over the Alster Lake
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April weather at its best! One sunday afternoon Astrid and myself went to the Alster Lake in the city of Hamburg. We found impressive light conditions with a couple of rainclouds at the other side of the lake.

Schwanenwik Bridge
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What a fantastic evening this saturday, the first saturday in spring! It was the first warm and sunny weekend with some cirrostatus clouds so I hoped the sunset will be a nice play of colors. So I drove to a … read more or write a comment …

Lighthouse Zero — Hamburg
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This living house called Lighthouse Zero stands in the Hafencity of Hamburg. Currently it’s just a model house, because the construction company HC HAGEMANN is offering this to build it somewhere in the world.

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