My photo report from an adventure trip to the Icelandic highlands began with a picture of Brúarfoss and I am now ending the Iceland 2023 series with a picture of this very waterfall. There are now 7 pages of blog posts from Iceland, the first 4 of which are from 2023.

The picture from the first post was taken the evening before, when we were able to enjoy a fantastic aurora over the waterfall shortly before our departure. The day after, we drove to the waterfall again to say goodbye and looked at it under a cloudy sky. What luck we had on the night of the aurora with the clear sky!

During the day, however, the typical turquoise-blue color of the waterfall comes into its own. Due to the many small waterfalls in the channel above, a lot of air is forced into the water. This explains the great color. This is particularly noticeable in the close-up of the waterfall:

Brúarfoss - in the middle
Brúarfoss — with the drone right into the middle

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