Far west
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As soon as we had dropped off photographers on Norderoogsand, we were aware of the immense space of this natural landscape. To the north we could only see the terps and the jetty of Hallig Hooge emerging from the Wadden … read more or write a comment …

Who’s looking? (seal safari 2019)
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This year it was my third seal safari with Helga and Wilfried Dunkel and once again completely different. The seals had looked for other places on the sands off Pellworm and our little boat of the brothers Hellmann couldn’t land … read more or write a comment …

Crossing to Pellworm
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On the way to the seal safari 2019. We had met again in the morning at Strucklahnungshörn on Nordstrand with Wilfried Dunkel and his wife to sail out to Norderoogsand with them and other photo and nature enthusiasts. The first … read more or write a comment …

Keitum — early in the morning
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During the days on Sylt in the morning hours I was always drawn to the mudflat side in Keitum — mostly on my way to the bakery. Every morning there was a different light atmosphere. The special thing about the … read more or write a comment …

Wide Heaven — Wide Sand
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A foto hike on the big sandbank at Westerhever: Wide Heaven — Wide Sand. Short after high tide we went out onto the sandbank near the lighthouse Westerhever Sand. The first shot was made with a dramatic perspective just at … read more or write a comment …

Beach Lilac in the flood
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The summer high water offered us some interesting perspectives. Beach Lilac in the flood, in the background the lighthouse Westerhever Sand

European spoonbill in the salt meadows
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At the beginning of the workshop with Martin Stock we went into the salt meadows to get into contact with the environment around the lighthouse Westerhever Sand. Just after we left the main path to the lighthouse the nature showed … read more or write a comment …

Seal Safari 2017
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With bright sunshine we got to the seal colonies near the island of Pellworm. As in the last year, it was the ship MS Gebrüder of the two brothers Hellmann, who drove us into the wadden sea. We wanted to … read more or write a comment …

Seal Safari
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On a Saturday morning Astrid and myself went from Hamburg to the Wadden Sea near the island of Pellworm. We where invited by Wilfried Dunckel, who has organized a very special event. With a small motor wessel we where allowed to … read more or write a comment …