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Tunnel View (0038)

Tunnel View in the woods

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Small clearings in the forest alternating with dense tree cover often leads to such tunnel views. Everything in the foreground was in the shade, only in the background a few deciduous trees were highlighted by the sun. Especially along the forest roads, one finds a lot of large, old deciduous trees in the Harburg Hills. Oaks and beeches, not so many birches.

Up! (0060)


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In an area northwest of Hasselbrack (the highest point in Hamburg!), you will find such a steep climb with many roots on some hiking trails. It’s almost as if a natural staircase has been laid in the forest for us.

Morning light in Harburger Bergen (0026)

Morning Light in the Woods

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The hikes in the woods often took us into the forest in the morning hours. It was especially nice to hike east in the morning hours, because then I always got to see the backlight situations I love.

This morning it was particularly beautiful. There was still a slight haze in the air from the night’s rainfall and the sun’s rays need through an opening in the leaf canopy.

Entrance to Höllenschlucht (0074)

Entrance to »Höllenschlucht«

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Why this beautiful path on the edge of Brunsberg is called »Höllenschlucht — Hell Gorge« has not yet become clear to me. It is a dry valley left behind by the Ice Age. It has this beautiful sandy soil, so typical of heathland.

The light on the ground really draws me into the path. How are you?

In the woods (0045)

In the woods

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Since early summer, my son and I have been hiking through the forests around Buchholz. We have now hiked over 200 km in the Stuvenwald, around the Brunsberg, in the Harburger Bergen and the Fischbeker Heide.

The picture here shows a section southeast of the Brunsberg. I always like it when the sun shines on the foliage of the trees from behind and makes it really glow.

Raps & Regenwolken

Rapeseed in front of rain clouds

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With this dramatic picture I would like to say goodbye to the rapeseed series from Angeln. The picture was taken when we wanted to go for a short bike ride over Lindaunis. But then the rain front made us start our way back. Shortly before we turned around, the sun came out and gave us this dramatic view!

The light in front of the yellow rape, a little bit in the trees in the background. And the gap in the clouds created a stark contrast to the grey of the rain front.

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