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Island - Fumaroles (2573)



Not far from the valley with rhyolite and mosses we came to a small geothermal area. In the highlands it is still possible to get closer to the fumaroles and really have a look.

Only directly around the opening of the fumaroles there was no moss, the rhyolite surfaces were exposed. Partly they were covered by gray mud, which gave the whole an interesting play of colors.

Iceland - Geothermal area (2545)

Rhyolite & Mosses


The first day in the highlands of Iceland took us to a beautiful geothermal area with vast expanses of rhyolite and moss. This is Iceland!

Only here you can find rhyolite and moss so close together, only here the moss is so bright green that it offered me these fascinating color contrasts. Surely it was also due to the weather, with the gentle rain that dominated the last days, the moss was saturated.

Again and again you can see the steam plumes of the geothermal energy and in the middle runs a river! read more or write a comment …

Geysir Strokkur (2312)

Geysir Strokkur


On my way along the so-called Golden Circle on Iceland — a circular route with many well-known natural sights — I naturally also passed the geysers in the valley Haukadalur. In the area lies among other things also the name giver for this kind of geothermal spring — the large Geysir. However, he is active for some years only very irregularly. But on the rainy day I experienced the Strokkur active again and again. But a water fountain into a gray rainy sky does not give a real motive!

So I concentrated on the view down and found slightly below the Strokkur this colorful rhyolite surface, which could show its whole color splendor by the wetness. In portrait format this really comes into its own, while in the background the Strokkur kept blowing supplies into the rain clouds 😉




This unimpressive mountain range lies in front of the well-known, legendary volcano Hekla. You can see above the moss-covered Næfurholtsfjöll still just below the clouds the partly with snow and ice covered cap of the volcano.
For me, the erosion gullies in the moss surface were the motif of choice, especially because they zigzagged through the mountain flank. And because it was once again the great green/black contrast!

But who sees the white spots, the sheep in the picture? How many are there?

Young Northern Fulmar (2128)

I cannot fly!!!

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This might be a big bird, but it is still a baby bird. Each Year between August and September many big white birds get killed on streets in Iceland. They are young Northern Fulmars which cannot fly. The nest is in the rocky cliff line. They try to get to the sea. Since their feathers are not yet fully developed they usually land in rivers that carry them to the sea. Sadly, the birds often mistake roads for rivers. That happens for example often near Vík í Mýrdal in the south of Iceland.

So it happens that they sit in the middle of roads and cannot fly or go away when cars are coming!

Sadly i found many white feather piles on the road as I approached Vík. Later, on the side road to Dyrhólaey I found this bird on my road, passed by and used the next possibility to stop, take this image (with 500mm!) and than tried to scare him away from the street. But I only got a look from his big dark eyes, what I might be up to! Later, ob my way back I found this place empty, so he made it away from the road.

Reynisdrangar (0168)

Lava pillars of Reynisdrangar

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Off the coast of Vík í Mýrdal stand these lava columns. They are a much photographed motif, but mostly in stormy weather from land. You can photograph out of the lava caves and take basalt columns on their sides into the motif. But on that day, firstly the light was too boring for me and secondly there was too much going on in the lava caves. But the weak wind allowed me to start the drone and fly far out to sea. I really wanted to photograph the lava columns of Reynisdrangar from the sea. To smooth the sea a bit, I had put on a gray filter and could thus work with 1 second exposure time. That I could bring there so good and above all sharp photographs, surprises me still — I used no tripod in 120 meters height above the sea!

I even managed to take a series of shots for a panorama. You can see not only the mighty old lava flow on land but even the glacier Mýrdalsjökull in the background: read more or write a comment …

Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon (0221)

Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon


Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon is located between the sands of Mýrdalssandur and Skeiðarársandur close to the ring road. On the way there, the highland road F206 branches off, leading north to the Laki crater row. The canyon itself had gained sad notoriety because Justin Bieber almost destroyed it in 2015 for a video clip by his film crew and the subsequent hype. In Iceland, mosses grow very slowly and mossy areas that are traveled on take many decades to recover. It’s the same with trails that lead to every viewpoint rock here in Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon. After the hype, the canyon was completely closed to visitors for some time and two steel viewing platforms were added.Only two paths still lead to two of the rocks, all others are closed off extensively.
To my surprise, drone use was allowed under the European Drone Regulation — do not fly over people or animals. That’s easy because the canyon itself is off limits. And so I managed to get this wonderful view of the canyon looking south towards the Eldhraun lava flows!

read more or write a comment …

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