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The Backside (0141)

Backside (of Süderoogsand)

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At the transition of the large outer sands to the tidal flats. The sun illuminates the sandy bottom, while the clouds are reflected on the still slightly overwashed mudflats. The two main colors in this motif alone impress me — blue and yellow/brown. In addition, the many structures of the tideways that run through the picture.

This is Wadden Sea National Park!

North Frisian Wadden Sea - Draining Water (0076)

Tideway at the back of Süderoogsand

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On the back side of the Süderoog sand, tideways run along, draining the mudflats between the sand and the Halligen and islands. The tideway directly on the east side of the sand is particularly noticeable. Shortly before it flows out into the Heverstrom, sand deposits have formed that make a great visual contrast here.

Here on the highest rib lie seals. Who can discover the small colony?

North Frisian Wadden Sea - Wrecks on Süderoogsand (0085)

Wrecks on Süderoogsand


For a long time I knew about the wreck of the Spanish barque Ulpiano, which was beached on Süderoogsand in 1870. But since the beginning of 2022 another — still unknown — wreck has been washed free from the sand not far from the Ulpiano. I was amazed to be able to photograph both wrecks together in one picture.

The pictures of this post the first of a series of blog posts that I could make on my flight over the Wadden Sea one May. It was a great experience to be able to look down on the Wadden Sea National Park from a height of about 600m.

Following you will see the two wrecks in single images with much more detail than the long shot could provide: read more or write a comment …

Four-masted barque Peking at Hansa Port (0209)

Barque Peking at night in Hansa Port

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The view across the Hansa Port to the 50s sheds can almost be called classic. There at the Bremen quay, the four-masted barque Peking is moored in front of the old cargo sheds. From my line of sight in front of it, pontoon jetties of the Hamburg Port Authority with barges, push boats and workshop containers can be seen. A lively harbor landscape.

I had been waiting for sunset and the blue hour on a clear spring day because the four-masted barque is so beautifully illuminated, providing a great contrast to the prevailing blue.
The old harbor cranes on the quay are being refurbished there so that they can be returned to the old quays once the various quarters in Hafencity are completed there. Here they form the appropriate backdrop, because they can only be seen as silhouettes and thus highlight the illuminated masts of the Peking all the more.

Rhododendron Blossom (0109-0144)

Rhododendron Blossom

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This mighty flower of the rhododendron bush I could also only take with focus stacking technique, especially to be able to sharply depict the pistils and stamens together with the petals. Here I found it special that only one flower had bloomed and the other flowers were still completely closed framing it. In addition, at this early stage of flowering, the petals were still soft pink. When all the flowers had bloomed, they shone only in white.

Apple blossoms (0951-0975)

Apple blossoms


When the apple tree in our garden bloomed vigorously, I stood in the middle of it with tripod and macro lens to find decorative motifs. Of course, a technique called focus stacking had to be used to get all the details of the blossoms in focus. In this technique, you take a series of shots in which the focus is changed slightly from front to back between each image. Each image therefore shows a different part of the flower in focus.

The rest is software. In image processing, the images are added together, and the sharp part from each image is transferred to the final image. Isn’t that a great effect?
The images show a lot of details. Pollen on the leaves, fine hairs on the flower bases!

The following two pictures show other flowers in more or less bloomed state: read more or write a comment …

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