Kerlingarfjöll (0329)

Hiking into the rhyolite mountains of Kerlingarfjöll under cloudy skies and then seeing the cloud cover partially break open makes a photographer’s heart beat faster. That’s what happened to me on the second day in Kerlingarfjöll. It had rained during the night, and I had actually wanted to set off on a longer hike, but the track to the north, which was still easy to walk on the previous day when it was dry, was now slippery and sticky because the clay had softened and collected into thick lumps under my shoes. Walking on sloping clay surfaces was out of the question.

So I chose other stair climbs from the central area and was rewarded with great views of the mountain and valley landscape as the sun broke through the clouds. In the post picture, you can clearly see the different ridges that can be reached via stairs. Now that it was wet, it was also clear why the stairways had been secured with wooden beams.

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