Port Waltershof & Bubendey Embankment
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This view to the Port Waltershof with the pier Bubendey Embankment in front of it you can have from the pier Teufelsbrück, but so detailed probably rather with binoculars. When I was in April at the golden hour on site, … read more or write a comment …

Lava pillars of Reynisdrangar
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Off the coast of Vík í Mýrdal stand these lava columns. They are a much photographed motif, but mostly in stormy weather from land. You can photograph out of the lava caves and take basalt columns on their sides into … read more or write a comment …

Flensburg Fjord with rain clouds

In the early morning hours at Flensburg Fjord. The moon is still in the firmament and looks out between the rain clouds. From the west the next big rain cloud is approaching, beautiful white.

Golden Raincloud (Pano)
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In the months since the beginning of the Corona Pandemic I not only work from my home office but also don’t come out of Buchholz to take pictures. But that doesn’t do any harm to my photographer’s eye. It’s great … read more or write a comment …

Cloud picture above Eiderstedt
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On one of the rainy days I was on the Eiderstedt peninsula by car. South of me, a wonderful wall of clouds rose above the marsh landscape, surrounded by an almost blue sky. Of course I immediately ran to the right … read more or write a comment …

Hafencity, Baakenhafen & Perseus J at anchorage
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What a mood for a short time Monday morning on the way to Hamburg! Thunderstorms came from the west and as I was driving towards the Elbe bridges, the morning sun still seemed strong. So I quickly went to the … read more or write a comment …

Grain and rape field at the avenue to Meilsen
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I’ve had this picture in my mind since several weeks. Every morning on the way to work, or on Saturday on the way to shopping, I pass these fields. In the morning sun, the rapeseed field shines really brightly behind … read more or write a comment …

Sunset over fields at Meilsen
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Just a sunset. But a special atmosphere with the clouds. Only a small part of which were illuminated from below, resulting in a few bright spots in the picture. I especially loved the course of the clouds, which give the … read more or write a comment …

Black Sand Basin

The Black Sand Basin is located on the Yellowstone National Park’s ring road only 1.5 km northwest of Old Faithful. It is an isolated hydrothermal area with large hot springs and some small geysers, which got its name from some … read more or write a comment …

Clouds and light at the river Elbe

At fantastic april weather at the river Elbe. We went to the ferry, that passes the Elbe just half an hour away from Hamburg and is frequently used by commuters. Astrid love to paint Plein Air at this location and … read more or write a comment …