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Elbphilharmonie & Cap San Diego (0153)

Elbphilharmonie & Cap San Diego

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The Elbphilharmonie has been open for almost 4 years and the construction cranes on the building have not been seen for much longer, yet it is almost impossible to find a viewpoint of the Elbphilharmonie without construction cranes. Nevertheless, I want to show this picture because it reflects such a great light mood.

In the southwest the sun had set behind a thin wall of clouds and so the west facade of the Elphi was illuminated. The rest of the facades were already bathed in the blue of the surrounding light mood. Only the Cap San Diego with its red and white hull still stood out a bit.

I achieve a completely different image effect if I crop the image very sharply and thus place the focus on the Cap San Diego, with the glowing west facade of the Elbphilharmonie behind it. I am curious which image you like more: read more or write a comment …

Hamburg - Landungsbrücken (0031)

Landing piers in pandemic times

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In November, on a day off, I drove to Hamburg and enjoyed the cloudless sky and the empty harbor edge.
I admit, I have never seen such empty piers in my life. Due to the pandemic, all restaurants were closed and the excursion boats were closed. Only the HADAG ferries were still in regular service.

Because of this emptiness I had the unique chance to photographically deal with the reflections in the puddles on the landing bridges. Some times I was almost laying behind my camera and nobody was bothered!
So then the Elbphilharmonie and the Hanseatic Trade Center are both included in the reflection. Especially beautiful because the golden light of the setting sun made the facade of the Elbphilharmonie glow: read more or write a comment …

Eissendorfer Wald - Lavabecherling (0092)

Bulgaria inquinans

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With this colorful picture I say goodbye to my excursion into the mushroom gestades in the Eissendorf forest. I am still amazed again that I was here on Hamburg city area on the way.

When we were already on the way back to the car, and the forest around the path had become a little thinner, I noticed this cross lying tree trunk covered with moss. Above all, however, because pock-like the black, moist mushrooms on the green too stuck out. They are probably Bulgaria Inquinans.
I had never noticed such beautiful black mushrooms and can still enjoy the picture.

Eissendorfer Wald - Büscheliger Faserling (0033)

Psathyrella Multipedata

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A little further along the forest path in the Eissendorf forest and again a tree lay across the forest and was left to nature. It is nice to see that forestry is increasingly letting the forests go wild again. Here, on the deadwood, large accumulations of the mushroom Psathyrella Multipedata could be seen.

While the picture in the article appealed to me because of the wetness on the mushrooms and the bright green moss, I took the following picture to show the typical tufted growth:

read more or write a comment …

Pilze im Eissendorfer Wald (0029)

Mushrooms in Eissendorf Forest

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Just as the mushrooms stood on the stump, it came to us: »The table is set!«

The mushrooms are standing on a tree stump and we had found the one a little off the path. Just too beautiful, with the autumn leaves next to the mushrooms and the forest in the background with some light effects.

Can anyone help me to find out what kind of mushrooms we are talking about?

Eissendorfer Wald (0053)

Eissendorf Forest

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We enjoyed this beautiful mixed forest in October after a rainy day. The green just blow us away, both from the leaves and from the grasses on the forest floor.

When we were here in the Eissendorf forest on a photo walk, I was surprised to discover afterwards that this forest still belongs to Hamburg. The forest is located in the Autobahn junction Hamburg Südwest, near the exit Marmsdorf. From the village of Eissendorf east of the A7, this forest stretches westward and the outlines of the forest are followed by the state border between Hamburg and Lower Saxony.

Buchholz - Regenbogen (0031)

Rainbows over the fields of Dangersen

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October, like April, is typical for its rainbows. On our bike tour along the fields to Dibbersen we were not only lucky with the many fantastic clouds, but also that the rain area passed us much further north. When we stood at the fields towards Dangersen, the sun came out and gave us these rainbows.

If you look closely, you can still see the second rainbow above.

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