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Munich — Olympic Park from 1972

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The Olympic Swimming Pool of 1972. The daring architecture fascinates me again and again. The oblique standing post, on which the whole roof construction is suspended. In this infrared photograph, he stands out from the trees, the hall is a little hidden in the white foliage. In front of it lies the Great Olympian Lake, on which pedal boats make their way.

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Old bridge over the river Elbe in Harburg (XIII)

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I shot the first infrared photographs of the old bridge in Harburg in 2005 with my former Canon Powershot G3. At that time I havn’t removed the high cut filter, so I had to expose with about 2 seconds.All the trees were slightly blurred by the wind.

Today I was there again, but due to the early hour on the north side of the bridge. There is still a longer section of the bridge ramp, so that a longer headstone path leads straight to the bridge. To my luck, even trees line this section.

An interesting detail I have found in 2014, when I discovered the Hackerbrücke in Munich as a motif. Both bridges were built in the nineties of the 19th century by the Machine Factory Augsburg-Nuremberg (MAN) and are quite similar in the field of metal framework construction. In contrast to the Hackerbrücke, the Harburg Elbbrücke also has the impressive bridge portals.

Hamburg - Chilehaus (01)

Hamburg — Chilehaus

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I love the architecture of the Chile House. As exciting as it is in the Kontorhaus district, the house itself is difficult to depict on photographs. It rises far above you and the streets hardly offer enough distance to get it into the picture format-filling. So I concentrate on important details, as for example the east corner of the Kontorhaus.

Today the sky was fortunately already filled with veil clouds, so that I could use the sky as a contrast to the dark building.

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