International Maritime Museum
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In the early morning hours, the sun slowly rises and colors the clouds brightly. In the background you can see the new buildings at Magdeburger Hafen, with the rotors on the roof the Greenpeace headquarters. In the middle is the … read more and write a comment …

Underground station Hafencity Universität
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For a long time, the Hafencity Universität stop was the terminus of the U4 underground line in Hamburg. With the opening of the new station Elbbrücken, the trains only pass through here. But what has remained is the wonderful light … read more and write a comment …

At the underground station Elbbrücken
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Finally I got the chance to take pictures in the newly opened underground station »Elbbrücken«. Of course for me there is always a central perspective, which I made in this case from the passage to the Skywalk. The Skywalk will … read more and write a comment …

Underground Station Elbbrücken
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I was able to take this picture at the beautiful blue hour 10 days before the opening of the new underground station in Hamburg. At these days this lighting mood is unfortunately very rare to see, so I was even … read more and write a comment …

Hafencity — Old customs house
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The contrast between the beautiful Old Customs House and the modern office buildings at Ericusspitze fascinates me again and again. But on this day, on my way home through the Hafencity, the autumn sunshine at the golden hour offered me … read more and write a comment …

Growing Hafencity
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Many mornings on the way to Hamburg I saw the Elbphilharmonie shine — sometimes like a diamond, because the sunlight was reflected by the many vaults in the glass facade. This morning I drove through the growing Hafencity and saw … read more and write a comment …

Jetty Messberg
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Until now I only knew the subway station Messberg at Willy‐Brandt‐Straße. If you get off there and walk around the ZDF building shown here, you only have to cross the Oberbaumbrücke to get to the pier with the same name. … read more and write a comment …

Hamburg — Old Customs House
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In my picture of the Spiegel building and the Deichtorhalle, I had already written that at the Ericusspitze, tradition and modernity can be experienced in several directions. Here it is the view along the Ericus Trench towards the Old Customs … read more and write a comment …

Hamburg — Ericusspitze and Deichtorhallen
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Tradition and modernity. At Ericusspitze you can experience this in several directions. This time I was on the southern bank and had a view to the Spiegel building and the Deichtorhallen. It was precisely this section of the modern buildings … read more and write a comment …

Lighthouse Zero — Hamburg
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This living house called Lighthouse Zero stands in the Hafencity of Hamburg. Currently it’s just a model house, because the construction company HC HAGEMANN is offering this to build it somewhere in the world.

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