Flooding in the Seeveniederung
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Not after the snow melted, but after a day of extensive rainfall, I had set out for the area Untere Seeveniederung, about 30 km from home towards the river Elbe, because I just wanted to explore the Seeve and the … read more or write a comment …

Rainbows over the fields of Dangersen
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October, like April, is typical for its rainbows. On our bike tour along the fields to Dibbersen we were not only lucky with the many fantastic clouds, but also that the rain area passed us much further north. When we … read more or write a comment …

Small oak — big cloud
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This young oak tree stands in the fields near Dibbersen and I have always been looking for a way to include it in a motif. Here it offers me the necessary contrast. The green meadow in the foreground, behind it the … read more or write a comment …

Rain clouds above the fields
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On a short bike tour along the fields on the way to Dibbersen we had this wonderful and slightly dramatic cloud atmosphere. In addition to that the rich green of the winter cereal and the shade of the avenue trees … read more or write a comment …

Burning night sky
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An evening on the west coast of Holnis, on the small Noor. I had not expected that the cloud atmosphere would change into a burning sky that evening. But that’s how it is with the most beautiful moments in photography … read more or write a comment …

Approaching rain front
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This rain front came like a roller from the west towards the Flensburg Fjord. As before, at the light spot on the old stack a few days before, but not on such a big front as seen on this day. … read more or write a comment …

Spot on!
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It was really hard for me to get the old stack on the north shore of the Holnis peninsula in the right light for several days — until shortly before leaving the coast the sun fell through an open spot … read more or write a comment …

Low Water
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The first days on Holnis offered us different water levels. First a few days with such a high water level that you could hardly go around the tip of the peninsula, and then low water again that I could go … read more or write a comment …

Flensburg Fjord with rain clouds
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In the early morning hours at Flensburg Fjord. The moon is still in the firmament and looks out between the rain clouds. From the west the next big rain cloud is approaching, beautiful white.

Golden Raincloud (Pano)
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In the months since the beginning of the Corona Pandemic I not only work from my home office but also don’t come out of Buchholz to take pictures. But that doesn’t do any harm to my photographer’s eye. It’s great … read more or write a comment …

Guesthouse Hoheluft
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Only 5 minutes on foot from home, this ancient path runs between the fields to the Guesthouse Hoheluft. Again and again I pass here on walks, but most of the time I don’t have my infrared camera with me. Last … read more or write a comment …

Rainbow season
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Golden hour, rain clouds and we just came back from the cornfields when this rainbow opened up in front of us. The small street in the foreground is not noticeable at all and due to the stately avenue trees, the … read more or write a comment …

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