Sunset over fields at Meilsen
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Just a sunset. But a special atmosphere with the clouds. Only a small part of which were illuminated from below, resulting in a few bright spots in the picture. I especially loved the course of the clouds, which give the … read more and write a comment …

Golden hour near Rantum
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It couldn’t have been any different, but during a stay of several days on Sylt the time of the sunset on the west coast is also part of it. Moreover, with mixed clouds over the day promised to become an … read more and write a comment …

Keitum — early in the morning
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During the days on Sylt in the morning hours I was always drawn to the mudflat side in Keitum — mostly on my way to the bakery. Every morning there was a different light atmosphere. The special thing about the … read more and write a comment …

Storm pulling away
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At the morning after the storm day I was drawn to the mudflat side of the island Sylt. At sunrise it still rained, but a short time later the rain area had moved over the island and the sun came out … read more and write a comment …

Storm on the horizon
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A completely different view of the rain area than my recently published picture of the surf showed. Now taken with a wide angle lens, you can see the rain area approaching from southwest. Not yet the whole sky is grey, … read more and write a comment …

Clouds in the Teton Valley
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The Teton Valley lies to the west of the Teton Range. Our vacation home had a fantastic view across the valley with every day changing clouds on the sky. One day we had fantastic rain clouds that hanging over the … read more and write a comment …

Wide Heaven — Wide Sand
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A foto hike on the big sandbank at Westerhever: Wide Heaven — Wide Sand. Short after high tide we went out onto the sandbank near the lighthouse Westerhever Sand. The first shot was made with a dramatic perspective just at … read more and write a comment …

Thunderclouds above my head
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Directly above my head, on Wednesday evening, a thunderstorm across the whole of Germany reached Buchholz. The masses of clouds were always in motion, and many dynamic structures where formed in the clouds.

Clouds and light at the river Elbe
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At fantastic april weather at the river Elbe. We went to the ferry, that passes the Elbe just half an hour away from Hamburg and is frequently used by commuters. Astrid love to paint Plein Air at this location and … read more and write a comment …

Rainclouds over the Alster Lake
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April weather at its best! One sunday afternoon Astrid and myself went to the Alster Lake in the city of Hamburg. We found impressive light conditions with a couple of rainclouds at the other side of the lake.

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