Hamburg - Landungsbrücken (0031)
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In November, on a day off, I drove to Hamburg and enjoyed the cloudless sky and the empty harbor edge.
I admit, I have never seen such empty piers in my life. Due to the pandemic, all restaurants were closed and the excursion boats were closed. Only the HADAG ferries were still in regular service.

Because of this emptiness I had the unique chance to photographically deal with the reflections in the puddles on the landing bridges. Some times I was almost laying behind my camera and nobody was bothered!
So then the Elbphilharmonie and the Hanseatic Trade Center are both included in the reflection. Especially beautiful because the golden light of the setting sun made the facade of the Elbphilharmonie glow:

Hamburg - Elbphilharmonie & Hanseatic Trade Center (0072)
Hamburg — Elbphilharmonie & Hanseatic Trade Center (0072)

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