Cloud picture above Eiderstedt
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On one of the rainy days I was on the Eiderstedt peninsula by car. South of me, a wonderful wall of clouds rose above the marsh landscape, surrounded by an almost blue sky.

Of course I immediately ran to the right when I finally had a chance to stop. This cloud front had to be captured in a panorama picture. Only later I discovered the head at the edge of the left cloud. Do you also see it?

Friedrichstadt - Cloud picture above Eiderstedt - Panorama (0930)
Friedrichstadt — Cloud picture above Eiderstedt — Panorama (0930)

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  1. Volquardsen
    | Reply

    Der Wolkengeist guckt sehr energisch über das weite flache Land!
    Wunderschöne Stimmung!

    • Marc
      | Reply

      Ja, es ist immer wieder faszinierend, was die Natur uns zu bieten hat!

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