Hafencity, Baakenhafen & Perseus J at anchorage
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What a mood for a short time Monday morning on the way to Hamburg! Thunderstorms came from the west and as I was driving towards the Elbe bridges, the morning sun still seemed strong. So I quickly went to the subway station Elbbrücken, grabbed my camera and walked onto the terrace at the end of the platform. I didn’t want to miss the view of the growing Hafencity, the Elbphilharmonie in the background of the ship lying on the anchor. Moreover, the construction cranes in this lighting mood are also a real eye-catcher…

But I couldn’t imagine what a spectacle it would be like in front of me. The clouds are showing all possible structures, vortices and distortions… In addition the dark grey band in the background, interrupted by light and in the foreground again the structure-rich grey cloud front. The whole picture has a crazy spatial depth!

I have also taken a panorama picture. In the original it has a resolution of 10.938×6.240 pixels, that’s 68 megapixels! It’s worth it to enlarge the picture with a click, I loaded it with over 3,000 pixels width into the blog:

Hamburg - Hafencity Pano (0082)
Hamburg — Hafencity Pano (0082)

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