Reynisdrangar (0168)
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Off the coast of Vík í Mýrdal stand these lava columns. They are a much photographed motif, but mostly in stormy weather from land. You can photograph out of the lava caves and take basalt columns on their sides into the motif. But on that day, firstly the light was too boring for me and secondly there was too much going on in the lava caves. But the weak wind allowed me to start the drone and fly far out to sea. I really wanted to photograph the lava columns of Reynisdrangar from the sea. To smooth the sea a bit, I had put on a gray filter and could thus work with 1 second exposure time. That I could bring there so good and above all sharp photographs, surprises me still — I used no tripod in 120 meters height above the sea!

I even managed to take a series of shots for a panorama. You can see not only the mighty old lava flow on land but even the glacier Mýrdalsjökull in the background:

Reynisdrangar Pano (0549)
Reynisdrangar Pano (0549)



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