Golden Raincloud (Pano)
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In the months since the beginning of the Corona Pandemic I not only work from my home office but also don’t come out of Buchholz to take pictures. But that doesn’t do any harm to my photographer’s eye. It’s great to discover new motifs and perspectives on regular walks along the fields of Steinbeck and Meilsen. In addition, there are also the local areas of heavy rainfall, which repeatedly sweep across our landscape throughout the summer. So this time Astrid and I went out directly after a heavy rain shower to enjoy the golden hour over the fields. We could still see the rain front in the north-east when we arrived at the edge of the field. On the way down to Meilsen the sun sank deeper and deeper and prepared us for a wonderfully strong golden hour.

What a cloud front — dipped in gold! The rain front in the foreground, which still gave the whole thing a natural frame, I still took with kissing hand. And of course I had to make a panorama of it, by the way, with more than 12.000 pixels width easily printable over 1,5 meters. I would make the picture well behind acrylic glass on a wall in the living room!

Golden Raincloud (Panorama)
Golden Raincloud (Panorama — 3072 Pixel wide — klick on it)

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  1. Roswitha Volquardsen
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    Super Foto!
    Gruß, Roswitha

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