Port Waltershof & Bubendey Embankment (0398)
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This view to the Port Waltershof with the pier Bubendey Embankment in front of it you can have from the pier Teufelsbrück, but so detailed probably rather with binoculars.

When I was in April at the golden hour on site, I had a cloudy day, but fortunately also some cloud gaps. Again and again the sunshine moved through the scenery and suddenly the red container bridges of the EUROGATE container terminal glowed. I intended to capture these details anyway and therefore had the telephoto lens on the camera. When then the sun moved further north and also on the opposite side the bridges of the terminal Burchardkai illuminated, I pulled the camera slowly further north to be able to put together a panorama of 3 landscape format images at the end. The dark rain clouds in the background made the contrast perfect. This is what landscape photography in the port of Hamburg must be like!


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