Eldgjá & Ófærufoss (1635)
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Eldgjá, the Fire Gorge, is an 8 km long and up to 150 m deep volcanic fissure. It erupted in the middle of the 10th century, shortly after the first colonisation of Iceland. The Eldgjá is a wonderful place to hike. From the car park in the west, hike over two bridges and then climb up to the southern edge. After about 2 km of hiking you come to the point where you have a view across to Ófærufoss. During our hike, we saw the light coming in from the west under rain clouds.

We must have waited 10 to 15 minutes for the narrow band of light to pass over the waterfall and the land above, giving me the right light to set the scene for Ófærufoss. The mountains around it remained in shade, as did the end of the fire gorge. But we still wanted to hike there and see it up close.

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