In a Highland Valley (1106)
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A river winds undisturbed through the highland valley. We are alone on the road and drive over 30 km through this landscape. The F‑road is repeatedly interrupted by the course of the river, so that we are often invited to ford it.

Of course, it was appealing to be able to observe this landscape from a drone’s perspective. A little later, the opportunity arose when the sun came out again and the river lay wide in front of us.

Above a Highland Valley (1015-Drone)
Above a Highland Valley. You can easily follow the course of the river and see the interplay of ash layers and moss.

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2 Responses

  1. Claudia
    | Reply

    Mystische unberührte Natur. Es sieht wunderschön aus.

    • Marc
      | Reply

      Das war es auch, Claudia.
      Leider war es stürmisch, sonst hätten wir am Ende des Tales noch eine Nacht verbracht. Wir waren wirklich ganz alleine und es war — bis auf die Windgeräusche — völlig still!
      Auf den Fotos schauen wir allerdings zum »Anfang« des Tales.

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