Rorbuer in Å i Lofoten (0114)
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The small fishing village of Å i Lofoten at the south-western end of Lofoten has two museums to offer: the fishing village with its houses and workshops, the tran cookery, blacksmith’s shop and boat shed. And the Stockfish Museum. In winter they are rather closed and I had come here because of the landscape and the photo motives.

My first stay took me to Å and there to the heart of the former fishing village. On the jetty is the restaurant Brygga, which also offers Bed & Breakfast rooms.

Brygga Restaurant with Bed & Breakfast (0121)
Brygga Restaurant with Bed & Breakfast (0121)


I arrived there before sunrise (which is not until 10:30 am in mid-January) and could therefore still enjoy the blue hour.

These rorbuer and workshops are located directly opposite or just a minute’s walk from the Brygga Restaurant. You can clearly see from these pictures that it was a very humid weather. Almost the whole morning it had drizzled and I had just caught a break in the rain as I walked through the village.

The following day I was luckier, the whole time from dawn until after sunset (between 8:30 and 15:00!) I had dry and almost cloudless weather. Early in the morning I went to Reinefjord, but I spent the afternoon in Å. Among other things to explore parts of the town again at the blue hour. I love the contrast of red cabins, the yellow-orange light and the blue sky.



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1 Responses

  1. Roswitha Volquardsen

    Sehr schöne Eindrücke von den alten Holzhäusern auf den Lofoten!
    Wie einfach die Menschen dort gelebt haben und wie Naturverbunden!