Bees at work
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Since the middle of April the rape fields in Northern Germany have been in bloom and since Easter it has been so warm that the beehives have been placed in the fields. In my hometown, right next to the avenue from the main road into the small town old centre with a few farmbuildings, the beehives stand next to the avenue trees and in the afternoon hours they are partially protected from direct sunlight. This was ideal for a special image in the afternoon. The bees that swarm out of the hives are still in the shade, while behind them the rape field glows bright yellow.
For all SmartPhone users: Click on the picture and zoom in, otherwise the bees cannot be seen!

In the morning hours it was quite different. It was still cool and the light came (of course) from the other direction. Only a few bees were flying, even though there was some movement at the exit of the hive. In good portrait light the wings of the bees were highlighted by an edge light.

Bees at work (0024)
Bees at work (0024)

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  1. Jacob Harris

    Sehr schönes Foto! Welche Kamera haben Sie verwendet?

    • Marc

      Hallo Jacob,
      das Bild ist mit einer spiegellosen Vollformatkamara von Canon entstanden, aber das spielt fast keine Sache. Wichtig war das Stativ und die geringe Tiefenschärfe, damit der Raps im Hintergrund schon wieder unscharf dargestellt wird.
      Herzliche Grüße