Apple Blossoms
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First I had shown the pear blossoms in the last days, which are to be found at the trees of a pear avenue to the yard of Mrs. Behr. I had also learned from Mrs Behr that each tree in the avenue produces a different variety. So it is certainly worth comparing the blossoms (but I have never done this …)

Further into the orchards there are many apple and cherry trees. In contrast to the pears, around Easter there were still few blossoms of the apple trees open. But this is exactly what I find so beautiful, because the closed blossoms of this apple variety were so beautiful pink. In these pictures you can see the difference between the pear and apple blossoms. The apple blossoms are clearly dominated by several large pistils with scars, surrounded by many stamens, while the pear is much more »filigree«.

Since the flower was not yet so far advanced, I gladly took pictures showing many of the closed flowers. With the blurred background, which shows the excavated soil, a completely different color comes to the fore here.

Altes Land - Apple Blossoms (0036)
Altes Land — Apple Blossoms (0036)


Altes Land - Apple Blossoms (0043)
Altes Land — Apple Blossoms (0043)


And also here a picture of a whole branch full of blossoms was not to be missing:

Altes Land - Apple Blossoms (0050)
Altes Land — A branch with apple blossoms (0050)