Tating — Peninsula Eiderstedt
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The St. Magnus church is widely visible slightly elevated above the small town of Tating in the middle of the peninsula Eiderstedt. Coming from the west, you drive straight on to the church tower. I have always admired the beautiful slender shaft of the church tower.
The predecessor of today’s church dates back to 1103. It is said to contain parts from the 12th and 13th centuries and has always been extended until the 17th century, most recently with the church tower.

Luckily I have many clouds on that day that create the necessary background for the dark painted church tower and bring a dramatic effect into the picture.

De Wohnstuv is located directly near to the St. Magnus church, is a shop for beautiful things. I noticed the beautifully restored building of the old forge, right on the stairs to the church, immediately noticed. Actually, I wanted to involve it in a picture with the church, but a glance along the Norderstraße with its beautiful and eye-catching pavement has placed this building in the center of its own image.

The Schweizerhaus is a café and restaurant located in the side street Düsternbrook of the pass through the village. Under the high trees and a sun sail, there is pleasant shade on hot summer days and plenty of guests coming by car or bicycle. The cakes served there are legendary.

Unfortunately, I read it on the internet after taking my pictures.


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