On a Saturday morning Astrid and myself went from Hamburg to the Wadden Sea near the island of Pellworm. We where invited by Wilfried Dunckel, who has organized a very special event. With a small motor wessel we where allowed to set foot on one of the great sands west of the North Frisian Islands.

Equipped with large tele-lenses, we went out into the Wadden Sea to the Norderoogsand. Soon a large seal colony appeared on the dry sands.



Curiously we were eyed, even if some animals prefer to run into the water rather than remain quiet. Some of them risked a quick glance, then went on to doze off:


Tired couple


While the boat was pacing along the sandbank, we were able to make some beautiful seals portraits.We went ashore at a considerable distance from the seals. The Hellmann family is the only one who has the right to land with their boat in the Wattenmeer National Park. We were given clear instructions not to approach the animals any further, and were now able to wander around on the great vastness of the sand.
Some flotsam’s just interesting under the wide sky of the Wadden Sea:

Flotsam on Norderoogsand


On the return trip, it was also always great to see the eiderents in larger swarms over the Hallig Land.

Starting Eiderenten

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