St. Laurentius and St. Vincentius in Backemoor

I was particularly taken with the interesting light on the slate-covered roof of the apse of the church in Backemoor. From glistening light on one side to dark black on the other.

Backemoor’s church of St. Laurentius and St. Vincentius dates back to an apse church that was built in the first half of the 13th century at the meeting place of the councillors from the entire Overledingerland. In the 15th century, the west tower was added to the church. The nave was shortened slightly and the old portals were walled up — two in the south and one in the north. The thick walls, embrasures and a chimney on the west tower indicate that it was used as a defensive tower. The entrance has since been located in the tower basement.

Source: Wikipedia

On the other hand, I hadn’t expected to find such a massive church in this small town with just over 480 inhabitants.

St. Laurentius and St. Vincentius in Backemoor
St. Laurentius and St. Vincentius in Backemoor

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