Lofoten - Flakstadoya (2783)

A small bay, meadow grass down to the shore and a small creek that is searching its way down to the Nordic Sea — this is how I found this landscape. I quickly realized that I had to get to the small waterfall somehow, to put it in the foreground of the motif was my goal. With photo backpack and tripod I slowly made my way through the high grass, it was hard to see through the snow whether I would take my next step on solid ground or already in the creek. When I arrived above the waterfall, I had to find a stable stand for the tripod — in the end it had one leg in the creek!

The Nordic Sea was not very spectacular here, even if far behind, at the black rocky coast, quite big waves were running against the rocks. The shore strip was just too far away for me to focus on it.

The course of the stream should now lead the view of the viewer into the picture. From the waterfall over the two courses through the shore strip to the shore itself. Then further to the right along the coast to the mountain ridge in the background. A slightly longer exposure time made sure that I could capture the dynamics of the stream in the picture. This is how I had imagined the motif.


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