Sakrisøya in a snowstorm
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Almost lagoon-like, the small bay of the Reinefjord with the island Sakrisøya lay in front of me. In this area, the water is so shallow and with a sandy bottom that it glows green.

It was the day with blizzards and I had to stand behind a hut again and again in search of protection when the next storm front with snowfalls came. Mostly I had only 1–2 minutes to quickly set up my tripod again and make a longer exposure. On the picture you can clearly see the next snow shower approaching, the mountains in the west of the Reinefjord were only vague visible. It was important to me to reproduce the green of the water in the picture. This is why I had chosen a longer exposure in order to banish the restless surface of the waves from the picture.

Sakrisøya is so special because the Rorbuer cabins at the shore of the fjord are all painted yellow. Otherwise you can usually see red Rorbuer on the Reinefjord. Between the cabins you can see stockfish racks everywhere and high above everything there is an administration building on the rock.

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  1. Roswitha Volquardsen

    Ein sehr eindrucksvolles Foto!