Hamnøy in a snowstorm
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I had always hoped to see the sunrays on the mountain tops during my time at Reinefjord. When I stood in the snowstorm on the bridge to Hamnøya and looked down to the red rorbuer, I had in between no view at all to the Festhelltinden that forms such a beautiful scenery behind Hamnøy. During the storm I even had difficulties to keep up at all and so I could only use a storm break to take this picture. Thereby, I even put my backpack under the tripod so that it was not blown over.

What I like so much about this picture is the surf on the rocks below me and at the same time the lots of snow in the background, which really cuts the Festhelltinden out of the rest of the mountain scenery.

The picture shows very typically the winter north of the polar circle.