Lofoten - Reinefjorden (0711)
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I had to wait 3 days for this moment, it was always overcast or even rainy during the day. When I was on Hamnøya that day, looking for motives with the stockfish racks, the sun came through the cloud cover for a short moment and illuminated the ridge next to Olstinden. I had so hoped to see the sun on the mountain itself or next to me on the Festhelltinden. But that’s nature for you, it doesn’t depend on the visit of a single photographer (even if there were hundreds of them!). What I like so much about this picture is the integration of the typical Lofoten landscape with its stockfish racks.

So I enjoyed the colour of the sunlight very much nevertheless. It is really impressive when the mountain tops start to glow like this. Only 5 minutes later this was already over before I could even change the location. But with a longer focal length I was able to take a second picture before.

Reinefjorden - Sunlight on the mountains (0718)
Reinefjorden — Sunlight on the mountains (0718)

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