Reinefjorden - Hamnøya (0652)
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The islands in the Reinefjord are home to many fishermen, you can still see modern fishing trawler at every corner. Every free space on the rocks is used to put up stockfish racks. On Hamnøya at the eastern end of the fjord you know the classic view from the bridge over to Toppøya. But it does not show some classic fishermen’s houses but modern holiday houses in the style of the rorbuer. Thus, I concentrated on a condensed view in the middle of the stockfish racks, even if with the mountain Olstinden in the background.

Also rather an unusual and condensed view is the following picture. I really wanted to have the effect of the rocks in the foreground and the sections of the bluish shimmering mountain wall in the picture. This is typical for the Lofoten without showing the fjord once. In the soft morning light, as the sun was still covered by a cloud cover, there is a hut on top of the rocks. Next to it is a long row of stockfish racks.

Reinefjorden - Toppøya (0669)
Reinefjorden — Toppøya (0669)


In the same mood, the view over Toppøya to Sakrisøya and behind it the houses of Andøya and mountains of Reine. And stockfish racks everywhere.

Reinefjorden - Sakrisøya & Andøya (0676)
Reinefjorden — Sakrisøya & Andøya (0676)

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