Reinefjorden in der Dämmerung (0625)
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The cover picture of this article is only an section of the panorama, so it’s worth opening the article to let the full magnificence of the picture take effect.

After I left my accommodation in Å in the morning hours still in darkness, I set off for Reine to finally see the sun on the mountain tops. It was still clear and I saw the stars above me when I arrived at Reinefjord. But what I got to see here made me forget the sun very quickly. It was nearly calm and so the mountain panorama was reflected in the water of the fjord! On the left is the Veinestinden, in the middle the iconic Oltstinden and on the right the Festhelltinden.

Reinefjord at dawn - Panorama (0625)
Reinefjord at dawn — Panorama (0625)


Below Veinestinden the road E10 runs along, between the mountain tops on the left you can see strong spotlights shining, mostly from fish trawlers lying there at the pier. In the middle, Olstinden is reflected almost perfectly in the fjord, in front of it the houses of the island Andøya. On the right side until the edge of the picture you can see the village of Reine and behind it below the Festhelltinden the bridge to Sakrisøya, where I started the day before my hike along the fjord shore.

I stayed here for almost an hour, during which time the light changed only slightly. This is the special thing about Lofoten light, it stays for a very long time, because the sun rises in a very flat angle.


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2 Responses

  1. Antje

    Ah, das mit dem flachen Winkel der Sonne im Winter wusste ich nicht! Aber von dem besonderen Licht auf den Lofoten habe ich schon gehört. So ein tolles Panorama-Bild! Sehr beeindruckend 🙂

    • Marc

      Es ist wirklich toll, dass z.B. die blaue Stunde locker über ein Stunde anhält, während auf unsere Höhe schon nach 15 Minuten Schluss ist mit dem tollen Licht. Das habe ich als Fotograf mehrfach sehr genossen. Aber andererseits ist es meist windig und die Bewölkung wechselt schnell, sodass damit sich eine Lichtstimmung auch wieder schnell verändern kann.