Illuminated St. Nicolai Church
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The St. Nicolai Church in Lüneburg as an oasis of light, so the church community wrote on their homepage about the Illuminated Church. Every year in December the church is bathed in special light. Around all pillars there are lamps — also on the upper gallery. Many works of art and details are brought into the light with lamps. I have shown it again in my typical diagonal perspective.

For me the most beautiful is the special illumination of the entrance area and the organ gallery in red. In daylight I usually have a greenish shimmer in this direction, which may not really fit into the other color scheme. But so, see for yourself:

St. Nicolai - Illuminated Church (0095)
St. Nicolai — Illuminated Church (0095)


The many details, or even the diagonal views into the church nave are wonderful to look at.

4 Responses

  1. Christian Steinhauer

    Awesome pictures!

    • Marc

      Awesome church as well. It’s worth visit!
      Thanks for your comment, Christian!

  2. Astrid

    Ich kann es nur immer wieder betonen: Super!

    • Marc

      Ja, genau deshalb wollte ich unbedingt auch dort noch mal hin. Immerhin ist die Kirche so nur alle 12 Monate zu sehen!