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To me it looks as if the willow was a large brush that had just been dipped into the paint pot in front of it.

We had driven our bikes east out of Schwabstedt to cross the geest to the Treene marsh. When we saw this green out of the corner of our eye, we immediately pulled the brakes! What was that? The whole lake was full of duckweed (I always have to think of Herman van Veen and his story of the duck Alfred Jodocus Kwack) and a ray of sunshine made part of it shine splendidly.

This small lake, surrounded by magnificent weeping willows and other trees, lies opposite the former Holbek open-air theatre, east of Schwabstedt. I had also walked over to the stage to capture the sight. Slowly the weeds take up the stage and partly grow through the seats.

Holbek open-air theatre (1482)
Holbek open-air theatre (1482)


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  1. Jacob Harris

    Diese Fotos sind fantastisch! Ich fühle wirklich die Atmosphäre dieser schönen Orte