Pear Blossoms
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On Easter weekend I was in the fruit growing area »Altes Land« (near to the city of Hamburg) for a short visit, the cherry trees were in full bloom, but the pear and apple trees were just beginning to blossom. Some blossoms were already open, others still closed or rising. That was the attraction here, especially with the pear blossoms, which still show a hint of pink when closed and not everything shine in white.

But opened they show their red anthers very clearly:

Altes Land - Pear Blossoms (0010)
Altes Land — Pear Blossoms (0010)


In contrast, a branch full of flowers has a completely different visual effect. The course of the branch literally draws the viewer into the picture. I love this effect.

Altes Land - Pear Blossoms (0004)
Altes Land — Pear Blossoms (0004)

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