Internationales Maritimes Museum

In the early morning hours, the sun slowly rises and colors the clouds brightly. In the background you can see the new buildings at Magdeburger Hafen, with the rotors on the roof the Greenpeace headquarters. In the middle is the International Maritime Museum in the old Kaispeicher B. I had gone into Hamburg to photograph in the modern subway stations of the Hafencity and in contrast to that the old office buildings of the city. When I came out of the underground car park in Hafencity to daylight, I was surprised by the atmosphere of the rising sun.

The water level was quite high after the stormy days before and I saw how the water continued to flow into the harbor basins. Therefore I chose a long exposure to give the water peace and quiet and to show the lights of the buildings on a large area. Nevertheless you can still see the flow patterns on the water surface.

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