Slaughter festival at Kiekeberg
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At the end of January, a slaughter festival is celebrated in the museum village at Kiekeberg, just like in the old days. During the slaughter of a pig on a farm you can get to know how a whole pig is used — and here the good pieces of meat are processed into sausages as was customary in the past.

But as always, I was drawn to the back of the museum, to the Pringens Hof, where the actors of the Living History bring the time 200 years ago back to life. Here they still worked without a mincer and cut the meat so small with simple knives or weighing knives that a black pudding could be made from it. It was great to be able to observe the conversations between the maidservants and the farmer’s family at work. Then once the bowl with the slaughter broth went around and everyone drank a little sip.

Afterwards the work continued calmly. A servant lit the fire on which the black pudding was to be cooked later.

Thanks again to the great cast of the Living History at the Kiekeberg museum, it’s fun to be here every time.

4 Responses

  1. Astrid Volquardsen

    Super schöne und ausdrucksstarke Porträt Fotos.

    • Marc

      Ich danke Dir Astrid!
      Die Darsteller machen es leicht, aber die Kamera und die Objektive eben auch, ich muss „nur noch“ den richtigen Augenblick und die richtige Komposition finden, um diese Bilder einzufangen.

  2. Silke Tüxen

    Sehr schöne und stimmungsvolle Aufnahmen. Der Artikel gefällt mir sehr gut!

    • Marc

      Hallo Silke,
      hab lieben Dank für den netten Kommentar. Es war genauso dort vor Ort!