Altes Kloepperhaus (0415)
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Alters Klöpperhaus is a beautifully renovated Art Nouveau office building. The website of the Art-Invest project of the building writes about it:

At the turn of the century, cotton dealer Wilhelm Klöpper built a prestigious address for his cotton company directly on Hamburg’s Rödingsmarkt — and at the same time created a completely new type of building for Hamburg: The Kontorhaus. Modern furnishings transform the loft-like floors into future-oriented working environments.

Today the company Mindspace has moved in there over many floors as a provider for coworking spaces. From the staircase you can see the specially furnished rooms. I’m amazed at how the office working world has changed and ask myself every time how you can concentrate on your work. Different sofa corners, a bar on one floor to get together.

The staircase around a light shaft animated me to do some photographic experiments. What about this strict diagonal?

Light shaft of the old Klöpperhaus (0112)
Light shaft of the old Klöpperhaus (0112)



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