Storm front Fabienne
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On Friday the first autumn storm raged over Germany and I was with my family at the beach of Kampen on the island of Sylt at the storm hood. On that day a few rain showers pulled over the island, otherwise sunshine prevailed. With gusts of wind of over 110 km/h it was not easy to photograph at all on the beach. I was not able to change the lens at all. So I had to get along with my standard zoom, when I got to see this wonderful light mood.

In the background the next rain area came up. In the foreground you can see a shallow mark between the two wave centres and the whole turbulent sea is illuminated by the sun from behind!
When I saw this wave rushing up, I just had the chance to pull up my camera and take a small series of 3 pictures of how the wave broke. This picture is the most beautiful because a part of the wave was not broken yet. I only cropped it in a light panorama format.


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