Decke des Turmsaals im Hamburger Rathaus

The tower hall with its cupola separates the two sides of the town hall.

The 112-metre-high town hall tower rises above the hall. The murals show the ancient city republics of Athens, Amsterdam, Rome and Venice. Hence its real name »Hall of the Republics«.

The ceiling paintings represent freedom, the virtues of morality, human love, love of the fatherland and science.

Sayings of meaning, reminders, advice and good wishes complete the pictures. Thus one reads in Latin above the golden gate to the banquet hall: »Through harmony the small grows, through discord the largest falls apart«.

For example, smaller banquets for special guests take place in the tower hall. From here you can also reach the balcony of the town hall — but only on special occasions and only in company of the president of the citizenship or the mayor.

I found this description on the website of the Hamburger Bürgerschaft.

However, hardly anyone will notice this view during a guided tour through Hamburg’s town hall, because you have to lie on the ground and look up vertically. This perspective fascinates me again and again with interesting ceilings. So I had already taken pictures from the Chamber of Commerce with the view up into the hall ceilings.

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