Hamburg - Wachsende Hafencity
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Many mornings on the way to Hamburg I saw the Elbphilharmonie shine — sometimes like a diamond, because the sunlight was reflected by the many vaults in the glass facade.

This morning I drove through the growing Hafencity and saw the Elbphilharmonie between the two buildings in the Elbbrücken quarter. This view will no longer exist for a very long time, because the construction site is growing closer to the Elbe bridges and new buildings will block this view in the coming years.
All the time I concentrated on somehow being able to capture the glow of the Elbphilharmonie in the picture. But only at the end I planned to take the bulldozer into the picture. Just in time, when the two construction workers marched through the picture to exchange views with the bulldozer driver.

This picture contains everything that currently characterizes Hafencity — the Elbphilharmonie, finished residential towers and the work on the new quarter!


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