Peking Takelarbeiten - Takling (0148)
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Rigging work for the PEKING: To embed a thimble in the rigging, the ropes are laid to one eye and provided with a rigging instead of splicing. Here the two rope ends lie parallel and are closely looped around with a steel cable. For smaller rigs it is sewn with rigging yarn, but here it is sewn with a steel rope — you have to sew it first!

At the end the thimble is very beautifully worked into the eye. Interestingly, some eyes are made in this way, while others are spliced and can thus absorb considerably more traction. This is a very nice piece of craftsmanship:

Peking rigging works (0162)
Peking rigging works — Thimble with Takling (0162)

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2 Responses

  1. Arne Bessen

    Ein sehr kraftraubendes Handwerk war das damals, ich habe großen Respekt vor den freiwilligen Helfern.
    Aber wäre es nicht sinnvoller neues Material zunehmen?
    Von 1911 ist es ja nicht mehr und somit auch nicht historisch wertvoll.
    Ich denke da an die Haltbarkeit…